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  1. Spent the entire day in Carlsbad yesterday, the marine layer was covering everything up for the entire day.
  2. Adios, wet season. Maybe we can get a good monsoon again
  3. Aside from a heavy convective downpour of about 5 minutes around 11:15, it has been a shafty day here. Would not be surprised if we have the lowest total for the region when all is said and done. Even had an hour of sun earlier.
  4. At this time last year, the YTD rain total in Riverside was 0.10". This year, it's 7.61".
  5. Considering where I moved from... I'm sure. It makes me cringe any time people from here think sleet, graupel, and wet snow is hail.
  6. Heavy snow in Riverside currently. 20230301_135851.mp4
  7. At at approximately 800ft and the flakes got down to about 900ft on Saturday. Supppppper close.
  8. Snow mixing in in the Highgrove area of Riverside. That's ~ 850ft.
  9. Super surprised 15 isn't closed yet. They've closed it for 3 inches before but I guess a blizzard with >1"/hr rates doesn't do it.
  10. I'm gonna be in the Hood River area the week after next. Gimme something.
  11. Hearing reports of heavy snow in the Upland and Rialto area. It's accumulating on 210.
  12. I'd be punting this if I lived in the Twin Cities still. Looks like a rather routine February snowstorm.
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