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  1. I am about 4 miles west of Kingsbury a few blocks from the beach at Regan Beach. There's probably 18-24" of snow where you were staying at right now and still dumping.
  2. I keep seeing Oct 1889 mentioned in the records on Twitter so I went with that one since it featured the winter I want for this year. Lol
  3. Also this was one of the biggest Oct storms on record for Cali. The other one on the list was Oct 1889 which also broke a 2 year extreme drought that featured massive Sierra Nevada forest fires. Sound Familiar? That winter went on to be called The White Death and was also the East Coast Warmest winter every recorded. Sorry Phil! https://www.sierrasun.com/news/local/sierra-history-the-epic-tahoe-truckee-winter-of-1890-pt-1/ https://www.sierrasun.com/news/local/sierra-history-the-epic-tahoe-truckee-winter-of-1890-part-2/
  4. We had somewhere around 7" of rain yesterday. It switched over to snow around 2am. We have about 8" of heavy Sierra cement sitting on top of flood waters. Still nuking outside with a temp of 34F
  5. Lots of cities in the Bay Area, Central Valley have picked up more rain today then they had in the previous 365 days! Been absolutely pouring up here with the snow levels around 10k. This storm will go into the record books.
  6. Off the charts for here. NWS Reno morning write up below. ' After digging through all of the probabilistic guidance, this event is shaping up to be one for the record books. ECMWF Extreme Forecast Index values are notable for most weather elements during the Sunday-Monday time frame, including: CAPE, CAPE shear, Wind, Wind gust, QPF, and snow. The shift of tails values are approaching 5 along the eastern Sierra for snow and QPF, which for you stats nerds means that multiple ensemble members are predicting an extreme QPF/snow event. NAEFS return intervals are signaling the significance of this storm as well, with IVT values registering at "outside of the climatology", which means that none of the late October reanalyses were this wet between 1979 and 2009. "
  7. Everyone in town fully expects highway 50 to South Lake Tahoe to get washed away Sunday night/Monday. The burn scar goes along the highway for 50 miles in a narrow canyon from 3500' al the way to 7400'
  8. I watched some youtube clips of the Iowa Dericho event from summer of 2020. It's mind blowing how long it lasted and how extreme the winds were. Was the one you experienced a quick event or long lasting?
  9. Looks like we might make a run at the wettest Oct ever which was Oct 2016. Also if the cold air gets here in time we could break the record for snowiest Oct as well which was 1956
  10. Picked up 3" of snow this morning and a bear apparently beat me to the office front door!
  11. Agreed. Years back when I still lived in San Jose I was traveling for work in Philly. The 55 year old hotel bar tender had never heard of San Jose. Didn't even know what state it was in. Like what? It's the 10th biggest city in America.
  12. I know there are some wind lovers on here. From Nws Reno for tomorrow: we are becoming increasingly concerned with the potential for wind gusts exceeding 60 MPH, particularly for South Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Front, and for the North Valleys (downslope potential off of Peavine mountain).
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