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  1. We had some heavy rain today with thunderstorms. One sat over the Tamarack fire and pretty much put it out. Now we just need a storm to sit over the Dixie fire.
  2. From lightning? We had a few starts yesterday from lightning but had a lot of rain to go with it, so they have not spread much. Hopefully any storms today and tomorrow are wet for all areas.
  3. Thanks. I was trying to get a satellite photo of the fire near us and found out the Goes west was offline.
  4. I didn't get a turn to beat the dead horse yet. For Reno and Tahoe this summer has been much warmer than 2015. July is currently running +9F over July 2015 in Tahoe city and +10F for Reno. This is in fact the hottest summer ever recorded by a large margin up to this point. Lol
  5. Big fire blew up south of town yesterday. Markleville has been evacuated and the fire is just coming into town. Looks like our luck has ran out.
  6. We had not reached 90F or warmer in the last 3 summers. We currently have 5 days at or above 90F this summer with a bunch of 89's as well. Summer of 1988 had 12 days at or above 90F which is mind blowing. Edit: Saw Phil's post above and was going to mention that he did call for the Southwest 4CH to expand greatly this summer which my area is definitely feeling.
  7. We set record highs on 4 straight days this month which was a record for consecutive record days. Lol I am 2000' feet higher than you and averaging 87.5F Reno is at your elevation and averaging 100.2F which is astounding!
  8. After 2 straight weeks of hot nights and warm mornings, we are finally back to a normal low of 42F this morning. This summer has been brutal so far.
  9. Jan 1911 we had 229" of snow for the month and Jan 1950 we had 117" So anytime you guys get record arctic air we get hammered with the jet stream.
  10. That Stat is actually pretty incredible. I think the lowest high temp that I know of for South lake Tahoe is around 14F back in Feb 89 when we tied our record low of -29F. Pretty neat that Portlands low max is colder than us.
  11. The Tahoe basin banned all fires a while ago. Outside of the basin the national forest service lands are much more lenient.
  12. My neighborhood has around 30 full time bears so I usually see one every couple of days. A mom bear and her 3 cubs have been visiting Pope beach almost daily. https://www.kcra.com/article/mama-bear-cubs-south-lake-tahoe-beachgoers-pope-beach/36947401#
  13. Our average high temp so far for July is 87.75F at 6300' which is off the charts. The record for July is 86.3F in 1988 which also recorded our highest temp at 99F. I think 93F is the warmest we have recorded so far this month. Edit. Also our average low is currently at 50.25F We have never had a month where the low averaged 50F or higher. The record is 48.9F from 2014
  14. The Angora fire in Tahoe 2007 was a camp fire left unattended. They never found the culprits but it's where High school kids hang out
  15. 1975-1977 was thought to be a once in 500 to 1000 year occurrence. 2019-2021 says hold my beer. This comes after the 500 year 2011-2015 drought. This appears to be a new normal for everyone south of Portland
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