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  1. If it works as planned it could be as transformative as the Internet itself was. Cell phone providers would no longer be needed, no more data cables draped across the sea to increase bandwidth
  2. Man this year is not off to a good start. Some parts of Norcal and the Central Valley look to have their driest Oct-Nov ever recorded. Some areas are in the 0 - .05" range. Not a good start after coming off of the driest winter ever recorded for the north coast regions. Long range shows nothing for at least 10 or more days as well.
  3. Wind storm has started in my area. Gust to 50mph in town so far and it is supposed to last 12 hours or so. Damaging gust up to 75mph expected around lunch time.
  4. We had scary winds with last weeks storm (recorded gust below) tomorrow's wind storm is supposed too be similar but last 12 hours. So a much longer duration event.
  5. No orographics at all. Just cold air over warm water. We had record warmth for all of Oct that kept the lake way warmer than usual. Having our first storm be arctic air is pretty unusual. It happens about every 5 years or so. Pyramid lake near Reno also gets lake effect squals. We were getting 4" and hour rates near the shoreline of Tahoe which was amazing.
  6. The cities of Gardnerville and Minden south of Reno picked up 14". They only average like 25" for a season. It was all lake effect off of Tahoe
  7. We have a rare lake effect snow band sitting over us today with 15" of snow so far.
  8. 1889-1890 was thought the be the lowest at -2.4C That winter was called the white death in Lake Tahoe/Reno area. Reno's all time coldest temp was that winter. Here in my neighborhood on south shore near the water we had a 15' snowpack on the ground and it collapsed the 3 story resort hotel down the street from me.
  9. The Monsoon this year was Awol. Last 2 years were the 2 worst monsoon seasons recorded.
  10. We are forecast to hit 70F today in Lake Tahoe. 6300' up in the Sierra Nevada. Then crash to low 30's by Sunday.
  11. Yep all the way down the Sierra as well in those years. My house had 60" by Thanksgiving day and a low temp of -8F on Thanksgiving morning 2010. We are currently off to the driest Sept/Oct ever recorded in California and it looks to continue until late Nov.
  12. We are tied with Oct 1988 currently for warmest Oct ever recorded here in Tahoe. It's actually amazing how similar this summer/fall is matching the summer and fall of 1988.
  13. 2010-2011 was my favorite Lake Tahoe winter ever. Recorded 330" of snow at my house in the Banana belt region of the lake. 2013-2014 was a total turd fest with 45" here that winter which would have been the all time worst if 2014-2015 didn't come along and crush it with 24" of snow for the entire winter.
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