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  1. Looks like we might get our first ones tomorrow in Tahoe! Its odd to be this far into spring without a thunderstorm.
  2. Our annual just before Memorial day weekend snow is right on Schedule!
  3. Interesting that they experienced an extreme drought the same time as the west coast. 1975-1977 was considered the all time mega drought for California. But now 2019-2021 has beaten it for a large part of California, with 2013-2015 coming in 2nd or 3rd place depending on the region of California. Is there currently a large drought in Europe?
  4. Probably 2005-2006. Tahoe had a bunch of rain until March turned cold and buried us.
  5. I would like a repeat of 2004-2005. One of the most infamous winters in Tahoe history. In a 3 week period from late Dec to early Jan we had 180" of snow in South Lake Tahoe. Reno crushed a bunch of records with like 60"+ depending on the part of town. https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/storms-bring-record-snowfall/
  6. Golf ball size is usually about as big as the hail gets up here although that footage had some slightly bigger than golf ball.
  7. we have had 2 damaging hail storms since I lived here. This was 3 years ago.
  8. We have 1 road in and out of town. If a major fire breaks out on a summer weekend we will have around 80k people trying to leave at the same time. The city put out their new evacuation map plan and it pretty much says leave your car and run into the lake if your in my neighborhood. That was my plan anyway.
  9. Here's some pics I found on my phone from a good storm back in Auf 2013. Had about 3-6" of hail on the level. It stuck around for almost 48 hours. The last picture was the hail the following day in my backyard still.
  10. I think our last .5" precip day was way back on March 20th! May usually brings a couple cut off lows over the Sierra with some snow and thunderstorms but the models are showing nothing. Might be one of the driest April-Mays on record up here. Good news is the Mt bike trails are melted out and running great and the lake is low enough to get our beaches back this summer. Bad news will be the idiots starting fires come June onward.
  11. Our first 70F day today! It is currently 72F and dead calm. Amazing. Edit: Ended up being a record 75F today breaking the record of 74F set in 2013
  12. It will be kind of hard to beat last year which crushed our Hottest Aug/Sept (California as a whole) by a large margin! 1988 was the next closest scorcher of a summer. Hard to believe we will have a repeat or even be hotter? Edit: Forgot to add Oct to that list as it was also the warmest ever. Lol https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-11-07/california-shatters-fall-temperature-records
  13. We picked up 1" of snow last night. We are at .18" of precip for the month which ties us with April 2008 and just ahead of April 1992 for driest ever. Luckily both of those following winters were a lot of fun. Fingers crossed. We have also been having an earthquake swarm centered in the middle of the lake away from any known faults which has been unnerving. We had a 3.9 yesterday and a 3.2 this morning with a lot of 2.0 earthquakes in between. They have been shallow earthquakes though at around 1.5 miles deep so widely felt.
  14. Some years we get our first snow in Sept and last snow in June so I am enjoying this early start to spring. Fire season is going to suck but what else is new.
  15. We are also on our 12th April day of at least 60F here in Tahoe. Very unusual for April. Our average high for the month is currently running higher than our normal May high temp!
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