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  1. Interesting as the gfs has led the way the entire winter down here. Euro has been catching up around 2 days later than the GFS on our eventual pattern. So the old GFS has been rock solid, the Euro has been playing catch up and the new GFS is totally useless.
  2. Depressing stats. I would be interested to see how far north this pattern extends? Shasta, Mt Hood? Somewhere in between? https://snowbrains.com/data-shows-major-drop-in-sierra-snowpack-over-last-10-years/
  3. Sierra Nevada 8 station index. Northern 3rd of the Sierra. Some big recoveries in March and April in some years. Hopefully this year is one.
  4. We had AQI of 200+ for almost 90 straight days up here and all of the fires were 300 miles to our west and 300 miles south. Were in a bowl though so the smoke settles in over the cold water.
  5. Yeah it has been too much of a downer over there so I have not been posting/visiting as much. At least your guys awesome snow storm brought some excitement to the weather community.
  6. Even during the year without a winter 2014-2015 we still received rain storms that came in from the south. This year we have literally had 1 storm come in from the Pacific which is mind blowing. Everything else has been inside sliders from the north. This same pattern has been stuck for 2 years now.
  7. Some parts of California's north coast are approaching 100" deficit's when combining last winter with this winter. Santa Cruz Mountains are approaching 60" deficit's! We are fully in a spring pattern here with nothing but record temps interrupted by inside slider cool downs. No precip being shown on the long range models. Once we hit April our meaningful precip chances are over. I have a feeling this summers fire season will be historic for California.
  8. It appears that we have entered into a possible Mega drought setup in the West starting in 2011. If the expanded Hadley cell continues at it's current strength, I would expect the jet stream to stay over your area and not move south during winter (I know that is not what you wanted to hear) like it has the last 7 years. So persistent rain will stick to Washington north with continued drought south of Portland. SF has rainfall records since the 1850's and there has been nothing similar to the last 10 year period which leads me to believe the west is entering a prolonged mega drought. The southw
  9. I think it was around March 27th 2011 we had a major cold storm hit the Sierra to end what was a top 5 winter. I had around 35" here with that storm and a morning low in the -5F range. Pretty unusual for that late in the season. This year is a top 5 worst season with the models showing no hint of a Miracle March to save us. Another 1975-1977 for California.
  10. At Donner Pass they have been keeping snowfall records since the 1870's. Look at the crazy oscillation's in the 1880's. The blocking must have been extreme during that decade as the Sierra alternated between record precip one year and historic drought the next. The 1890's featured 5 years in a row with a snowpack of at least 16' deep. We have only had one season with that depth since 1973.
  11. Same here in Tahoe. Probably 80% of my snow falls with temps in the 30-35F range. It is rare to get snow in the mid 20's or colder here. Most of the snow with the big storm in late Jan fell with a temp of 32.8F at my house.
  12. Yeah except for us. Nothing but death ridges for 2 years straight now. Cities in the Santa Cruz mountains are almost guaranteed to break their record for least rainfall which was last set in 2013-2014. That was considered a once in 500 year event since it broke the 1976-1977 record by so much. Yet here we are again getting ready to crush that record. Here in Tahoe we are going to finish the meteorological winter months with 1 single storm which is pretty incredible. I hope everyone likes smoke next summer cause we will be sending it Coast to Coast again.
  13. And meanwhile it is raining at 6300' in the Sierra. What a weird winter.
  14. Nope Rain here to start and only 0-3" at lake level through Saturday. My snowpack was at 36" on Jan 27th and is currently down to just 6" of wet slop. Seattle will have more snow on the ground then my house after this weekend.
  15. I feel like anyone outside of Fairbanks would be in for a rude awakening. Lol Those temps are insane.
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