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  1. Live or die for the short term models for us in Lincoln. Gripping on straws here. Not a good thing. Lol
  2. Some how this doesn’t surprise me. Caving to the GFS? How does it treat Lincoln?
  3. Looks about right. As I said this past weekend, been doing this all winter, no reason it won’t target KC this time. Congrats to you guys down there this year.
  4. Just a matter of time before the euro jumps ship as well. This has Clinton’s name all over it.
  5. Been the trend all year. Why not again. Over this winter anyways. 70’s and 80’s last week was just too dang nice to go back to winter at this point.
  6. Not sure why but I see this drifting further south throughout the next couple days. Another KC special?
  7. Enough to get us excited. Only to pull the rug out on us tomorrow.
  8. We could only hope. This would be our signature storm like we used to get back in the day during state basketball. But based off this year I see you guys being in the jackpot area for this one
  9. About like our mid jan-mid feb last year. Won’t lie as yes, we had higher totals, but track was up our way last year, this year it’s south. Just crazy how narrow that band can get, and a matter of miles makes all the difference. Our snow removal equipment has sat idle minus the two skiffs of snow. At this rate I would prefer to just move onto spring work, but also know we need the moisture. Actually watered the trees and lawn today. Right now I’d love 1” of slow steady rain. Let’s see how the next two weeks play out.
  10. Def your guys’ year. What’s your YTD totals?
  11. Literally can only laugh at us in Lincoln. Wash, rinse, repeat
  12. Looks about right for Lincoln. 4.3”? By then it will be to 0.0. We are back to spring landscaping jobs. I’m over the snow.
  13. Missed that. Haha. I was going to say. Only about 100 miles off. Slow year for snow removal services for sure. Bought time to shove the plows and blowers in the corner and move onto spring work.
  14. What the heak does this even mean? I thought we weren’t even in it. I’m confused
  15. That has certainly been the trend this year. Almost rather end up with nothing that the tease of another dusting
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