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  1. Yeesh. 9/18 18Z GFS has mid 90s to lower 100s at 1p on Saturday 9/26 across Nebraska and southeast SoDak.
  2. I didn't make one bc I don't pretend to be an expert on here. Each year when there's not an epic winter for you, you claim to have learned your lessons. Then the next fall you say it's another epic pattern for you and here comes the next mini ice age. I admit it does take courage to forecast epic winters for Arkansas or Oklahoma every winter. Most people call that being a snow weenie or wishcaster though.
  3. Looks like a dry October here continuing the drought in Nebraska.
  4. Worst day for smoke here. We had a front move through and bring the smoke with it. Radiation is running under 1/2 the normal amount. You can really see the drop on my weather station.
  5. Another sizzling month... 2nd only to 2016. https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/news/Global202008?fbclid=IwAR1LMIqweGBZWFUjmakaG3drzayaTcUa2gwydnfnF6ff4ynb038958XpMoQ
  6. 12Z GFS is warm and dry here. Drops a total of .1" of rain in the next 16 days.
  7. Ended up with 1.99" total for the week. A bit of a letdown for sure. It's amazing how when you're running nearly 12" below normal for the year, 2" of rain doesn't even make the ground that soft. Normally after that much rain I can walk out in my backyard and the ground feels "squishy".
  8. Found out last night that an old friend from college passed away yesterday from COVID. Only 40 years old and no other health issues. Unfortunately, he made the decision to go to the Sturgis bike rally and that is where he probably caught it from. That makes 6 people I know personally who have had COVID including my sister, her daughter, and my best man at my wedding. #FuckCOVID
  9. 1.92" of rain so far since Monday night in my rain gauge.
  10. I'm gone all summer and come back to yet another epic winter prediction. Meanwhile record heat and record low ice: https://www.noaa.gov/news/july-2020-was-record-hot-for-n-hemisphere-2nd-hottest-for-planet#:~:text=The%20July%202020%20global%20temperature,second%2Dhottest%20July%20on%20record. I guess when that ice age predicted by so many deniers on here eventually comes than we won't have to look at these numbers anymore ammirite? Isn't the planet supposed to be getting colder by now? I forget was that last year, this year....???
  11. August finished as the driest in over the last 100 years at the airport with about 1/2" of rain. I was a bit luckier and ended up with .83" of rain. My average low was 64.4 and average high was 87.2 and ended up 1.3 degrees above normal. Lowest temp was 49.3 on the 4th and highest was 97.7 on the 23rd. Added another 10 days over 90(including 8 in a row from 8/21-8/28) and set the high for the summer at my house of 97.7 on the 23rd. I've had a whopping 41 days over 90 this summer so far through the end of August with another one today and 2 more this weekend. Had just the 5th watch box issued f
  12. Omaha finished with it's 7th warmest summer ever and 4th driest summer. It's been a struggle to keep up with the watering. We're at about 50% normal precip so far this year.
  13. Congrats USA. Cruising right along with 2k+ deaths/day for almost every day for the last 4 weeks. Set a new high today. But, but H1N1. Does Mike not know the numbers of Covid-19 in the US? Nearly 6x deaths in 2 months compared to an entire YEAR of H1N1. Already passed the number of deaths forecast by end of August and that’s 4 months to go. Gee when you look at that and the hospitalization rate I wonder why we’re treating this differently. Nebraska has had it’s largest numbers yet this week and a large increase in the positive percentage results. Douglas county(Omaha) just had it’s largest da
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