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  1. I am here for the snow talk. Tired of making snowman's out of mud
  2. Raining pretty good in Auburn. Nice to see it again. People forgot how to drive in the rain tho.
  3. Wonder if this is the fall drop off for temperature. Usually you can tell ahead of time but the smoke has made it a little bit harder to detect.
  4. Any update's on the fire's down in Oregon? Hopefully this rain put's them out or close to it.
  5. Smoke in the Puyallup Valley has gotten significantly better. Now I can see two blocks down instead of only one.
  6. Hey Fred, you gotta make this site secure, come on man
  7. Leaves have noticeably changed color on some tree's in the swamp.
  8. Anybody else use to the smoke smell and do not smell it anymore?
  9. 1 Portland, USA 225 82.2K Follow 2 Seattle, USA 197 131K Follow 3 San Francisco, USA 196 414K Follow 4 Jakarta, Indonesia 170 1.44M Follow 5 Vancouver BC, Canada 168 118K Follow 6
  10. 1 Portland, USA 217 80.2K Follow 2 Seattle, USA 186 130K Follow We have the worst air quality in the world
  11. Off topic, but today is my second day as a project manager intern for a non profit
  12. Fire started in a park right down the street from me. Got put out an hour later though. Can't imagine what TigerWoodsLibido is going through right now. Saying a prayer tonight
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