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  1. If the Greenland block really is that prominent, the trough will actually be in retrogression all through the month, so I'd center it right over the center of the US. Cold outbreak driving down the front of the Rockies next month is almost 100 percent. Lock-n-load.
  2. Welcoming Autumn today with another fall favorite. Cool steady rainfall. Its been so many years since I can even remember a September like this one in weather for me. It's been the kind of September that I could dream of. I know that sounds so silly. I really do, but I just wanted to be thankful. I'm blessed to be where I am when so many aren't at peace right now, have dealt with numerous weather and climatologically-related disasters to the sum of 4B, and many other things. My life is not really at peace, itself, sometimes right now if I'm honest. Kinda scary to look ahead or assume too far.
  3. @Tom, Cycle through once, then..... Retrograde, lock, rock and reload til April. Need I say more?
  4. Going to smack myself now. Second worst drought in US history, but likely worst in Northern great plains US history.
  5. That is a remarkable observation. I haven't studied 1988 much but I will now. Thank you for sharing. Interesting...
  6. Hello all. Lots of great stuff Tom. Glad to see some real autumn weather to start, well, autumn. Lol. Why is it so strange that it's actually going to really be a great season? The weather looks absolutely perfect going forward, by my standards. Anyway, good riddance, summer. Its a beautiful last day of it.
  7. I did it in September in those 3 years also, vs November 1 like most of those last revision maps that Jaster shared. I'm going to research the 2015-2020 weather period for a really long time if I can because there's probably so much missed stuff in it and a lot to learn. It's been a truly unusual era in weather/climate.
  8. Tom, jaster and FAR_Weather, I love you guys. I appreciate that.
  9. I've never made pretense one time that I'm anything but a very imperfect but kind and intelligent man who loves weather. I hope I haven't lead you to feel otherwise and I'm sorry if I have made you feel that way. You're fair, I took one shot recently at the NWS over neglecting a significant cold front when guidance was pretty well settled on it being noteworthy within 8 day range. Ultimately the result was, the temps split the difference between their thoughts and mine. Call it a wash. I have known that at some point a sharp cliff is coming and, no, im not yet sure why the pattern k
  10. Where was your guess/prognostication/analysis/reasoning last year? I don't remember it, if you had the courage to make one.
  11. That would probably hallmark one of the fastest NPAC realignments in history, as far as the warm pool is concerned. There's not a better pattern for me in any book, map, drawing or diagram I have ever looked at before. In fact it's almost scary. I hate the word perfect, but I have nothing else to say about it. I'm literally just waiting anxiously on the show at this point. Good work Tom.
  12. Great write up Tom. I really have nothing to add or take away. Its been over seven years since I've saw some of the stuff I have seen. Like you said, when it all lines up, it's undeniable. From about 09/20 on, its a whole other world after.
  13. I miss cool-cold Novembers and cold Decembers. I remember many of those in the late 1990s and early 2ks. After 2008, autumn has been remarkably different here. Here's to a shift in 2020.
  14. This is extremely important and needs to be posted here. The weather over Cali/West and Alaska, while unprecedented in our era is not without significance. This has lasting effects on global temperature and could have massive effects on the climate variance of the northern hemisphere for many years to come. 10000ft pyrocumulus is same as a volcano. https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/californias-wildfire-smoke-plumes-are-unlike-anything-previously-seen/ar-BB18Y54b?li=BBnb7Kz
  15. I absolutely LOVE how it almost completely messes with them every year and does the complete opposite about the time folks write the ice off. People also forget that the brief cooldown between 1989 and 1993 only took 18 months to really kick off and to my knowledge, there were far fewer atmospheric input sources of ash and smoke than today. Just my 2c...
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