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  1. AGAIN! I had frost here in KC. Not wide spread, but it was there in low lying areas. I dropped to 34 degrees this morning. I love you cold weather, but, only come around Dec. through March.
  2. Well, its been cold in KC for better then a month now. Sure, we have had some warm days in there, but, overall, very cool weather pattern since the middle of April. Hasn't been overly wet, big rains when they have occurred. Scored 1.67 inches of rain Saturday night this past weekend.(we actually needed it, with all the dry NW winds and low humidity, soils were sucked dry) No severe weather in KC, just some good ole thunderstorms. We have not had anything severe really for two years. The last two years have been too cool for severe weather in April and May.
  3. The overnight run of the GFS does not shout a warm pattern as we get into May. Showing some nights in the 30's and highs 15-20 degrees below average. Hopefully it does not repeat this last 2.5 weeks in KC. Up until Sunday this past weekend, we had two straight weeks of well below average temps and some days just down right wintry. A windy 85 degrees yesterday. The warmth was nice after a very cold middle to late April. We did have quite a bit of freeze damage from last week. I dropped to 24 degrees in my part of KC. A lot of plants did have a moderate amount of new growth on them, so, a lot of the new leaf was burned badly. I have 55 Hydrangea plants on my property and they got destroyed. Now, I'm hopeful they will flush those leafs and form new ones. I'll know here soon..
  4. 3.5 inches of snow fell here in my part of KC. Started snowing at 3:30 am and coated grass, cars, and elevated areas. Stuck to everything except the streets. (streets might have gotten slushy for a bit when that heavy band moved through) KCI needed 2.8 inches to set an all time record for April 20th,I think they made it. Now.....at 12:05, barely can tell it snowed. Almost totally gone. The ole April sun angle got to it. What a morning!
  5. Gary Lezak and the LRC claims that this year's pattern is 46 days. 46 days ago was Feb. 14th, we were smack dab in the middle of record cold. Plus, starting on the 14th and ending on the 17th, KC had cloudy skies for 4 days, 2-4 inches of snow with (3) separate snow events. It snowed on the 14th, the 15th, which had a nice ULL that tracked nicely for KC(snowed for 10 hours that day) and then again on Feb. 17th. Hell, I think Clinton that week had much more snow then KC. 46 days later, we had 75-80 degree weather on Monday,(46 days before Monday, we had a high around 4) no storms in sight and sunny skies. The pattern forgot to cycle. We should of had an unsettled week. Warm start to April and then it crashes?? 12Z GFS is not happy looking after the 7th or so...several weak systems and cold temps for April. Say it ain't so.
  6. Warm April? GFS showing multiple freezes after April 2nd and a chilly looking pattern. Been flashing this for the last few days. KSHB's Jeff Penner, also a LRC partner mentioned that the part of the pattern that occurred FEB. 5th to the 19th will cycle back through. Only problem with that statement is that it goes against their 46 day pattern they have been saying all winter long. IF the Feb. 5th to 19th pattern had returned on time, it would have shown up today. March 23rd minus 46 days puts us right around the beginning of that incredible cold stretch(FEB 5th) So, I'm not sure if he miss spoke but it doesn't seem like he did. Any truth to this potential cold here in KC around Easter weekend. We had a very wet winter! Officially we were over 7 inches of total moisture (average is 4.45 inches) and we were much warmer than average. (outside that two week stretch that was very impressive, winter was very warm here in KC. I recorded 8.12 inches of rain/melted snow at my house on the NE side of KC. Well below average snow came in at 11.1 inches. Happy Spring everyone!!
  7. @Tom We are actually really wet here in KC. Since Dec. 29th, parts of the city have seen 4.25 to 5.6 inches of moisture, above average for the winter season. Crazy dry for months prior to that, we were actually under a D1 drought headline prior to Jan. 1, it has since been knocked out. We never dried out any of that 1.25 inches of rain that fell on Dec. 29th as the pattern stayed active for several weeks after that. Now, we have warmer temps and the frost line is melting,(never got that deep as the snow cover the last two weeks prevented the deep cold from getting to the soil). Matter of fact, I don't think we have any frost line left, but the soils are dripping with moisture. Muddy mess everywhere. I think winter is done here in KC. Our final snow last year was Feb. 12th, this year as of now, was last week on Feb. 17th. What do you think? Last winter we were well above average for the winter months, but, spring came in below average for temps as April and May were below average as a whole. Even with that 2 week stretch of crazy cold weather, I think KC will still finish above average on temps this winter, above on moisture, and well below on snowfall. It's amazing how one week of weather here in KC can be so much different from the previous week. Last week, KC started the week with 2-3 inches of snow on Monday, snowing for 10 straight hours at -7 to -4 degrees.(I have never witness that in KC, snowing and -7 degrees) Monday night into Tuesday, we cleared out, dropped to -22 in spots around the city, this was followed by another 1-2 inch snow Wednesday morning. Stayed below freezing until Saturday. This week, can't even tell that last week happened. We hit 70 degrees earlier in the week, all the snow and snow piles are gone. WOW! Set all kinds of records for cold...what an impressive 14-15 day stretch that was. Happy Spring.....right, or is winter going to throw a few more punches????
  8. Here in KC, we are still struggling to get above freezing for a high, getting close though. Its been 14 days since we have been above 32 degrees. The FEB. sun angle is still going to work on the snow pack. Plenty of melting going on and we should be snow free by sometime later this weekend or for sure on Monday. What a beautiful run of winter weather, likely the best I have seen in KC ever or at least in a long while. Heck, all lakes in MO froze over shore to shore, I don;t think that has happened in 10+ years. Maybe longer... Here in KC, the coldest temp I recorded was -18 and I totaled 4.3 inches of snow in 5 small snow events. South of I-70 on all of our properties, there was likely closer to 6 inches of snow total. All in all, one of the best snow removal periods I have ever had due to the cold temps and every flake sticking. This was quite impressive across the nation, something we will remember for a long time. Now, does it snow again in KC? Last year our last snowfall was on Feb. 12th and that was a grass accumulation due to marginal temps. Did KC see its last pavement accumulation this last Wednesday? We'll see. Great forecast Tom, you posted on Jan. 29th, saying, "is the best yet to come, I think so!" Nice work. 60+ degrees forecasted for KC on Tuesday, I think that might just feel like Florida weather.
  9. @Clinton I see the ULL on the satellite radar run, I see the spin. It looks to be a on a good track. Radar echoes are increasing in south central KS, we'll see how this plays out. You certainly stand a better chance then KC, but, we just might have a snowy afternoon. Looking over some snow reports in Texas, some 10"+ amounts down there from this storm. Parts of KC are only at 7-9 inches for the whole winter. I'm okay each winter with Iowa and Nebraska beating us with snow totals, but TEXAS???? BTW, how cold is it. Some of my fleet has froze up on us this morning as we treat parking lots. These diesel trucks gel up, I have been in the snow business a long time, 20 years.....never had trucks gel up on us. ITS COLD!!!
  10. Well, KC managed to be the big LOSER again....only a dusting here in my part of KC yesterday. It was so bad that even the sun came out for awhile yesterday afternoon just for fun. I have never been so let down by the model promises of accumulating snow over the last 8 days. Congrats to all that are scoring big with this storm, it's quite impressive what it is doing that far south. After today, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and northern Louisiana will have recorded more snowfall this winter then KC. (I just threw up) Nonetheless, what an impressive cold snap this has been. (Tom, you forecasted this, nice job)I believe this will fall in the top 5 here in KC for the coldest 2 week stretch in our history. Set a record low this morning, I dropped to -13 at my house. May hit -20 tonight. RAP model......its trying to give KC 1" of snow this afternoon, COME ON BABY!!
  11. This looks to be a very weak event for KC....again. Tuesday into Wednesday looks weak to for KC also. Barley snowing here and radar is thinning out. Maybe it will pulse up...NAM suggests we see an uptick in snow tonight through 2pm tomorrow but doesn't have much support from the other models. ( I guess I shouldn't pay too much attention to the model data as it showed inches and inches of snow all of last week for KC and we received ZERO!) Only snow we received was last weekend. Good luck to all the ones that score big here. Happy snow day!!!
  12. My bad, the 12Z GFSv16 has 24 inches in KC by next weekend. Disregard all of my complaining. KC is a lock for getting burried! I simply forgot to look at that model.
  13. GFS loses this beautiful cold pattern one week from Saturday. It is showing 70's in the Plains by Feb. 25th. WOW! I believe that as this has been a very warm pattern(outside of this 2 week cold snap) and it will return. We must score here in the next 10 days! Come on baby!! I think winter will be over after this record breaking cold snap. KC is going for the record of consecutive days below 20 degrees for highs. 13 is the record, today will be #6 and the forecast has 8-9 more days below 20 degrees.
  14. Man ole man have the models been wrong for KC. Starting last Saturday, they had 1-3 inches for KC, we received around an 1 inch. They showed from Sunday to Friday a wide range of 4-13 inches. Multiple chances of snow throughout the week. I ended up on the NE side of KC with 2.5 inches. It has not snowed since Monday(very light snow at that time) Now, the once promising Friday storm into Saturday is fading for KC. The two big storms late in the weekend through next week look very questionable as far as KC getting anything from them as the trend is south on most models. Maybe that's a good thing, showing us getting missed as it showed us getting hit all week but we missed all of the chances. I sure would hate to look back on this beautiful cold pattern and say we only scored 2.5 inches of snow. I have never witnessed 15-20 days of well below freezing weather resulting in everything that comes through would be guaranteed snow. As you know, we usually have the rain/snow line problem each storm down here. So, darn it, come on, let's gets some hits here in KC. I know the EURO has the storm hitting KC late in the weekend into early next week, but, I think that is the only player right now.
  15. 2 inches of snow here on the NE side of KC. Had around 1.3 yesterday and another good dusting this morning. Looks to be several more small disturbances to go as we finish today and start Monday. Maybe another 1-2 inches in KC before we get into possible some bigger snows later this week through early next week. BTW....NICE CALL TOM! I asked two weeks ago on the idea of winter weather making a run on KC and you said right around Feb. 5th. Boy did winter show up in a big way. I'm thankful for snow we have received but I sure would like to see those big piles that CentralNebweather is posting. What a lucky guy. SHARE SOME OF THE BIGGER SNOWS.....Please. Come on Chiefs! Let's do this!
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