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  1. Yep, she's been a warm one! You know what happened 45 days ago this Thursday, the biggest snow storm of the year for MO on Jan. 8th and 9th. 45 days later(the cycle length according to Lezak)on Feb. 22nd, warm and no snow! The cold and snow didn't cycle!!! Dang it!! Bastardi's forecast is looking less likely too Now...we just might hit 73,74,75, Monday or Tuesday, BUT, is there a storm lurking with cold air crashing for Wednesday in the nation's midsection? The overnight data is closed to a big one
  2. Just started snowing in KC and temps have fallen to the upper 20's. Radar looks good with some enhanced bands on there, we just might score a 1-2 inch coating and enjoy a winter scene for the rest of the day. Spring returns quickly by Sunday and we just might see some 70's mid next week. Grass is very close to growing here. Mid-long range models appear very warm and not much winter to speak of.
  3. GFS/NAM suggest the snow will stay north of KC.
  4. ICON throwing down a quick 2-3 inch snow for KC Friday morning...the trend yesterday was for it to be north of here, we'll see how the rest of the data trends.
  5. Yikes! The mid range models continue show a blow torch for the most of the country with maybe one brief cold snap later this week only to be followed by more 60's in KC next week. North of here might score a nice snow event later this week, keep an eye on that to see if it goes a bit farther south. I have perennials already coming up in the landscape beds. 2-3 inch heads on tulip bulbs. That crazy early. The cold cycle that we saw in Jan. started around the 5th and carried for about 15-20 days with multiple storms. The "repeat" period would start Monday next week, current data saying warm next week and not cold. I'm not giving up yet, BUT, I'm close. Great SB yesterday, Chiefs are pretty darn good.
  6. OH CLINTON, that silly NAM trying to fire us up. This is at 84hours and it's in your area and moving into KC. Blinding snow.... It's fooling us again, isn't it? Or maybe the north trend is starting...3-4 days out
  7. @Tom...the SW part of the country has had one heck of run the last 30-45 days or so. Some locations have had their entire annual total of precip. in just a few days. Amazing!! I'm wondering if the cold and storminess will return to the nations midsection. We started a very active period around Jan. 5th and it lasted through Jan. 22-23rd. Obviously, we had our best winter run here in KC.(record cold for a week) This is due to cycle back through around Feb. 18th-20th with the idea of the 45 day cycle. I wonder if winter will return here because if we don't get cold soon, the grass and plants will be in full bloom come early to mid-March. We are close to the growing season starting very early... Come on, winter, can't leave me with just that one beautiful 3-week stretch of cold and snow, I need one more run!
  8. @Clinton....ICON back with the storm idea, lets see how the GFS and CMC do
  9. Well, that beautiful looking snowstorm for KC on the EURO and CMC yesterday has vanished. The pattern on the mid-range models is as far from winter as they can be...we'll see if a storm pops back in there today for the middle of the country. Maybe the data hasn't digested the teleconnections yet....or....winter may struggle to return. For now, KC will enjoy drier weather and temps more like early April.
  10. EURO blasts KC with heavy snow during the Chiefs Victory
  11. Canadian model suggest it goes NW of KC
  12. ICON has KC in snowstorm after the Chiefs win the SB around 9;00 pm Sunday night
  13. Two storms forecasted on the latest GFS and CMC heading into Super Bowl weekend, some cold air to tap. These will likely be marginal temp events but maybe it jump starts us back into a wild 2nd half of FEB and early March!!
  14. Another rain storm is on its way for KS and MO. KC looks to see somewhere between .25 and 1 inch of rain which is a lot for early FEB. We are already way above average since DEC. 1st. We have received 8-13 inches of snow across the city so far. For now, its Spring! Very warm, temps in the 60's this week...Hoping that turns around here towards the middle and end of the month with some cold and snow. I'm not worried about the storm systems as there have been plenty in this pattern and the Dec. 25th to Jan. 20th part of the pattern is ramping up again. Let's see how all this cycles back through. Let's finish strong winter! I'll take one more 3 week stretch like the January run any time. BTW, Lezak says our best shot at another run will be Feb. 18th through March 10th.
  15. In the last 3 years...I blame this on all of our government Our work force has been destroyed, small businesses are paying way more and getting way less, plus they can't staff enough Our supply chain has been a complete disaster(I own a company and its like pulling teeth to get material and parts in a timely manner) My operation costs are up 41% in 36 months We have 30 percent less cops in the streets(KC set and all time homicide record in 2023) We have record credit card debt among Americans 63% of American's saving's accounts have been depleted A record amount of early withdrawals from 401K's/other retirement funds The middle class is going broke(already there in many cases) Runaway inflation is still a problem Wide open border(we have yet to see how dangerous that is, but don't worry, we'll know soon enough) We have several wars we're either in or paying for We have less pilots, military personnel, teachers, doctors, nurses, and just laborers all together Very few our better off financially right now then they were 3 years ago We have high interest rates on vehicles and homes, commercial loans, etc. Basically, unaffordable to your average American Almost every major city is now less maintenance, the upkeep has taken a back seat as we just don't have enough folks in the workforce. Here in KC, we have turned into a really trashy curb appeal. All these cities are running wild with crime, several overran with migrants We have all news outlets lying on just about everything and they all have their agenda to follow even if its not factual In other words, blame who you want, argue all day long, the reality is right in front of us, the folks running this country now and that includes all government,(red and blue) have failed us and turned this country into a real dumpster fire. Buckle up, many smoke screens coming this year and its going to get ugly. Watch out! Digital currency/electric cars/solar energy and the cancelation of fossil fuels along with De-arming Americans is what they want, once that is realized, they control everything!!!! Small doses at time, but, its happening Americans better resolve their differences soon and wake up and see what our leaders are doing. Again, both sides!!! Have a great weekend all
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