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  1. 0.04" from showers here, even heard a couple rumbles of thunder. Hasn't cleared out yet as it remains muggy and occasionally sprinkling.
  2. I stand corrected. Sun appears to be little more than a small, dim red ball from here now.
  3. By comparison, I took the following pictures during the awful month of October 2007 just south of me (I-15 near Highway 76):
  4. Not as warm today, only 94F. Odd cloud formations in the sky today and yesterday, with the addition of a smoke layer today.
  5. It's Fall today but you wouldn't know it if you stepped outside - 103F here in Murrieta this afternoon, which following a warm July-like night last night. Sick of it
  6. We had a low of 54F this morning - coolest night since June 11th here.
  7. Only 83F here today, so far I have not even had to run my A/C this afternoon. Lows have finally dipped into the upper 50s over the last couple of nights here, for the first time in months.
  8. 100F again today, at least right now. Likely to get hotter within the next couple of hours. I can't wait for this heat to go away.
  9. You said that a week ago as well and look what happened Generally safer to declare monsoons over in October down our way.
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