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  1. 11 AM yesterday just looked like a standard winter day, or like any regular day in London...
  2. Even during the winter, you guys on the coast will still dip into the 40s, which definitely is not possible at this time of year.
  3. I think you mixed up the seasons a bit there.
  4. I can't tell whether you like the dry season or rainy season more.
  5. Greenery is finally fading from all of the local foothills.
  6. Looks like I didn't miss much according to my weather station.
  7. We had thunderstorms that month, one of the only times we had measurable precipitation in June.
  8. Nothing measurable for most places, sounds like you guys lucked out.
  9. Flew into the marine layer yesterday afternoon just before landing. San Gabriel Mountains were poking above and were still very much snow-capped. Encountered some drizzle around Yorba Linda coming home.
  10. This defeatist mentality, I believe, is harmful to the cause of most Americans. Corrupt career politicians like Joe Biden are enabled by simply knowing that a fair share of Americans will vote for the establishment no matter what the situation, which allows for the continued corrupt bi-partisan establishment to remain in power basically indefinitely. Amercians criticize countries like Russia, China, Iran, etc. ("why don't the people overthrow their oppressive governments?") - look at us. This is common, sadly. I met people who appeared to be prone to this during my time in the Army as well, and not long ago. Trump was president but I saw all sorts. "Sensible Republican" is as much an oxymoron as "sensible Democrat" is. Start with the establishment itself, which is bi-partisan.
  11. My weather station is automatic; it will run continuously while I am away and precipitation will be recorded and logged just like temperature and other details. Only thing is I won't be able to verify precipitation via manual rain gauge.
  12. You'd get to move to my side of the Santa Ana Mountains. I know you'll love the hotter and far-less gloomy weather here (but you'd also have to get used to calling it Santiago Peak instead of Saddleback).
  13. I'm actually going to be traveling abroad for several weeks - I'll be away from May 9th-23rd. I might still be able to occasionally pop in here on my phone though.
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