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  1. Gloomy and drizzle (not measurable) here this morning. A very pleasant sight.
  2. Same here. Fog still hasn't quite lifted. We might in for our coolest days in about three weeks.
  3. Looks like our several weeks-long warm spell is about to finally end, at least for a little while. "July-June format" update for my weather station:
  4. Sunnier than yesterday, yet only 80F here compared to yesterday's 86F.
  5. It was briefly completely overcast here this afternoon, for a couple of hours. High clouds have since disappeared almost entirely.
  6. That sounds wonderful honestly. I hope you guys up north get what you enjoy.
  7. Sna Diego broke their old daily record high of 84F for March 31 today (set in 1945). San Diego reached 88F today.
  8. Traveling around SoCal lately it's interesting to see which areas greened and which ones didn't - it seems areas around San Diego County, parts of Orange County, and parts of southwestern Riverside County managed to get some green in the hills recently but my area, and pretty much everywhere to the north and east of here, are still golden brown and never turned green at all this winter/spring.
  9. 89F here today, warmest temperature of the year so far. Might have to turn on my AC for an hour this evening to keep my room cool for the first time since October.
  10. I had to travel to a place near El Centro in the Imperial Valley yesterday, it was quite warm out there. Very windy as offshore flow kicked in, temps in the low 80s.
  11. March is currently running about four full degrees cooler than normal here, although the next few days' warming will narrow that somewhat.
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