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  1. Despite topping out with a higher high temperature today (91F) than yesterday (83F), it is already cooling down much more quickly this evening than yesterday evening.
  2. Temperature has plateaued at 90F here for the past several hours. Not nearly as windy as yesterday. Beautiful day outside, but still very warm. Looks like we're going to cool down again in a couple of days.
  3. Warm temperatures lasting a lot longer than usual today, and it's not really cooling down even after the sun has set.
  4. Didn't take long for us to go right back to warm temps. My last measurable precipitation was 0.01" on March 26th.
  5. Never had any measureable precip here but at least I was able to mark "Trace" for yesterday, as it did drizzle briefly at my house.
  6. Gloomy and drizzle (not measurable) here this morning. A very pleasant sight.
  7. Same here. Fog still hasn't quite lifted. We might in for our coolest days in about three weeks.
  8. Looks like our several weeks-long warm spell is about to finally end, at least for a little while. "July-June format" update for my weather station:
  9. Sunnier than yesterday, yet only 80F here compared to yesterday's 86F.
  10. It was briefly completely overcast here this afternoon, for a couple of hours. High clouds have since disappeared almost entirely.
  11. That sounds wonderful honestly. I hope you guys up north get what you enjoy.
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