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  1. June 2022 was Temecula's warmest June since at least 1999. The previous warmest June there was in 2016.
  2. That's a wrap. Winter barely even existed outside of December.
  3. This I agree with, even as a 29/30 year-old half-white/half-black American - some of this change in modern society has been too rapid even for me.
  4. Low here was 68F. Pathetic, but not abnormal for a heat wave at this time of year. 101F right now, not as bad as yesterday.
  5. Happy Birthday 2 AM and still 72F outside. Complete failure of the temperature to cool off sufficiently tonight/this morning.
  6. 106F. A gust front just hit us out of nowhere, likely generated by thunderstorms over the San Jacinto Mountains.
  7. Not even noon yet and it's already 103F here. Cumulus have started building over the mountains east of here.
  8. Fifth consecutive day of 100F+ highs here. Expected to continue tomorrow.
  9. Gas is very expensive right now though. My car is from 1987 and that's all I can afford
  10. 103F here right now. I hate it. Bring on Autumn. It must be fascinating to people who are not from Southern California watching this thread, to see such stark differences in observation and preference in users who are only a couple dozen miles apart from each other. They probably aren't used to microclimates or mountains.
  11. 101F again today, a little cooler than yesterday.
  12. While it was hotter here today, the heat didn't stick around very stubbornly late into the evening like yesterday. Cooling off a little more quickly this evening.
  13. 104F here today. Wish we could just skip to October.
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