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  1. 3 more inches during the day...getting deep out there. Braaaaaap!
  2. 6" or so here...reports of 10" all around me so who knows. Should make for a good weekend of sledding!
  3. Sure seems all the short term hi res models show a good storm up this way, wonder if the NWS sees something else or just waiting it out. All models paint 6-11 and down for 3 right now in all forecasts
  4. Anyone have the 6z Euro over this way?
  5. Well starting to get sucked in on this one.
  6. Sure looks like the short term models are trending north over this way.
  7. van I see that over in wisco jcw?
  8. I was just stopping in to say the GFS went way north it seems
  9. Looks like we may get lucky up here. Everything trail wise is in pretty brutal shape after today
  10. hows this thing looking over this way?
  11. Ah you can't change up your picture like that...messes with everythint
  12. Is there any good news news in the next 10 days, or any hope for something to change.
  13. This looks brutal the next 2 weeks... low 30's no real snow chance and possible rain early next week. Brutal
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