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  1. Looks like a swing and a miss up here on the clipper tomorrow unless the GFS beats them all. Trails are beat up pretty bad from the insane traffic this past weekend.
  2. What's your take on the Tues. clipper up this way Tom. Looks like the GFS is the southern outlier atm.
  3. Before you guys knock on the ratios, for this year up here, they have been pretty much spot on. Not saying this storm is the same, but....
  4. What are models saying for temps...How low are we going...
  5. Well this would be pretty incredible if it verifies
  6. Bring it on! Just got back from a quick morning ride. -7 at the start up to 0 now. First tracks down 40mi of the 90mi ride!
  7. picked up a bit over 1" today off the lake...up by Lake Gogebic in the UP looking at over 24" in the past 2 days
  8. A bit more overnight...I'll say 8" total although the official report is 9".
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