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  1. Snow? It doesn't snow here anymore Not good to get spring fever in late Feb up here...gonna be a long 2 months. Already dreaming of getting the boat out!
  2. Does anyone have a site with a calendar of high and low temps. Trying to put together our ice making log matched up with temps for the season. Thanks a ton.
  3. Finishing up winter strong Rarely get a week like this in April/May let alone Feb.
  4. 3.3" last night...biggest snow since November!
  5. news report yesterday....anywhere from 30" below normal to date outside the lake belts, around 60" below normal to date in the snow belt
  6. Rap and Hrrr have me up to 3" or so would be 2nd biggest total on the year
  7. Love to pick your brain more on west Yellowstone. Wife and I have been talking about a sled trip out there
  8. I'd head out by Tom...this spring...skiing mixed with spring training!
  9. winter is done....above verage temps this week average for 3 days this weekend and 50 by next Thurs again. what a mess. depressed and exhausted from rink building. One for the history books
  10. It's unreal. 10" of ice on most lakes. snow piles only. We are rebuilding the rink for the 4th time. Need to get to March 1st and then give me March 2012. Swimming by memorial day!
  11. So long range looks like a week of slightly above average followed by warm again for a week and a half then average for a week then spring. Yeehaw
  12. Gonna be pushing that long range cold snap into next winter at this point. Out to the 17th now!
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