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  1. 30 here with dense fog. Supposed to be a balmy 59 today.
  2. Yeah January 2004 was three weeks off. Epic!
  3. January 2004 was also a classic "It'll warm up tomorrow" event – what was supposed to be a 1-2 day snow to freezing rain event turned into a week off school. At one point out in SE Gresham there was a blizzard warning with heavy snow, 40-50mph wind gusts, and a temp hovering around 13F during the day.
  4. What makes you think there won't be freezing rain down here in the PDX metro?
  5. Woke up at 4:30 this morning and it was 31 outside with heavy freezing rain on top of snow. Now it’s still frozen in the backyard with freezing rain but the road is melted.
  6. Had a nice prolonged heavy shower this morning that dropped about a half inch. Better than nothing!
  7. 34 here with very light flurries. Reminds me of Central Oregon.
  8. 32 here... about an inch of snow on the ground and heavy freezing rain falling. The street is completely covered.
  9. Bottomed out at 22 this morning before the east wind kicked in. Now a frosty 27 with steadily strengthening wind.
  10. I had some light hail here in SE Gresham about 15 minutes ago.
  11. As far as I can remember any precip we get between roughly 5th of July and late August/early September is almost entirely from a stray thunderstorm or remnants of one. I could be wrong, but in my lifetime I don't remember any steady bands of rain or legit rainy days like we've had in the past few weeks. I'd say this weather pattern in the middle of summer is not entirely unprecedented in our climate, but it is indeed pretty rare. That said I've been enjoying the weather – plenty of sunshine; mild to warm temps (nice mild mornings to enjoy outside!); and lack of AC use or watering the garden much of the time.
  12. Just drove home on I-84... lots of thunder and lightning; torrential rain; and there's a big part of a tree down on the freeway between 181st and Fairview Parkway. Lots of big limbs down all along my street here in Gresham.
  13. PDX is running 1F higher at 2pm compared to yesterday, sitting at 95. Could end up hitting 98 or 99 at least...
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