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  1. It’s getting bad out here in Gresham. Heavier precip has moved in and we’re sitting at 30-31. Lights have flickered a few times and trees are starting to break around here.
  2. Just had a light shower of freezing rain and sleet a bit ago. Hoping the bigger bunch coming is snow.
  3. It’s hard to tell for sure because of the drifts, but it snowed heavily all night here and there’s at least 12” on the ground. Went out for a drive earlier and there’s stuck and abandoned vehicles everywhere - even trucks.
  4. Seattle and Portland people are in two completely different threads in the same one.
  5. Yep. Someone lost power. More snow is mixing in and I don’t hear rain on the skylights anymore.
  6. Snow is mixing in here again... fingers crossed. I’m starting to see flashes in the sky...
  7. It's a weird mix of snow and sleet here. No ZR.
  8. Meanwhile several miles (SSE?) of you I've got about 6" and it's snowing heavily.
  9. Sleet and snow here in SE Gresham. It's trying to change over to snow it seems. 24F with about 4" on the ground and ice underneath.
  10. Starting to snow very lightly and graupel here – it's nice to see real flakes now!
  11. Just changed over to a wintry mix of sleet and graupel here. Temp continuing to slowly drop.
  12. Temps out here seem to be heading down again after levelling off for a little while... dewpoint is dropping as well. Must be colder air filtering in again from the Gorge.
  13. Snow is starting to mix in with freezing rain here. Getting good icicle formation on everything! I don't remember any snow event starting as freezing rain like this.
  14. That’s a lot of freezing rain if he’s correct.
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