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  1. I hope that pattern can bring some beneficial storms into California where the rain and snow are badly needed!
  2. I am really concerned by the number of what I call "ultra dry seasons" that we have experienced since 2000. I define an "ultra dry season" as a rainfall year (July 1 - June 30) in which Downtown Los Angeles receives less than 7" of rain for the season. Between 1877 and 2000, only 1898-99, 1893-94, 1923-24, 1958-59, and 1960-61 fell in that category, although there were several other drier seasons that recorded between 7" and 8". Since 2000, 2001-02, 2006-07, 2012-13, 2013-14, and 2017-18 have been all "ultra dry seasons", and if we don't receive much more rain this season, 2020-21 will become
  3. January and February have been much drier in a good portion of CA during the last decade, with a few exceptions, of course. 2016-17 and 2018-19 have been the best two winters in CA since 2010-11. We have had some really abysmal seasons during this stretch, and this must have something to do with why January hasn't delivered as much in the PNW in recent years.
  4. 1999-00 was definitely better than 2013-14 and 2017-18 in Socal, but the fall was very similar to this year.
  5. The winds have been stronger here in Orange this evening than they have been for most of the day. I am hoping the winds relax some later tonight.
  6. I really hope you are right! We desperately need mountain snow and low elevation rain in all of the state, since it has been so dry statewide except for the very far north near the Oregon border since the beginning of the season. The Intermountain West and the 4 Corners region are both also in desperate need of precip.
  7. The PNW is hogging all the rain right now! I wish you could share some of it with California!
  8. I surely hope so! This has been one boring "rainy" season so far for CA and much of the Intermountain West! The entire region desperately needs precip right now in the form of both low elevation rain and mountain snow to boost the snowpack. There has been only one significant rain event in Socal this year, and it brought hail like I have never seen before here in Orange. However, one exciting storm doesn't make up for complete season by any stretch and we need quite a few more storms to bring more beneficial moisture to the area.
  9. There simply has been nothing to talk about except occasional Santa Ana winds, sunny skies and some high clouds at times here in Socal. In other words BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!
  10. The problem is that the southern branch of the jet has been practically nonexistent this season and there hasn't been a lot of undercutting patterns recently.
  11. I don't see one single model trend suggesting a pattern that would bring much needed precip to the majority of the western part of the country that has been bone-dry for much of this fall and early winter. We desperately need a more zonal flow to bring needed moisture-laden storms off the Pacific, rather than storms diving south from Canada over land with little to no moisture to work with!
  12. I feel that much of the Southwest is suffering from a cruel double whammy this year, first with the almost total failure of the SW summer monsoon, followed by what has been a bone-dry fall and winter to date.
  13. I wish you could share some of that rain with much of California!
  14. Looking good?? That looks like the RRR blocking the entire west coast from getting needed precip, although I know the PNW has been getting quite a bit of rain lately.
  15. This has really been a boring season for a first season La Nina. I know La Nina years can be quite dry in the Desert SW, but this one has been dry in a much larger region including much of the Intermountain West and northern California as well. I am beginning to wonder if the +AMO (warm phase of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation) that we have been pretty much constantly since the spring of 1995 is playing at least a partial role in this drought that has lasted off and on since 2012?
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