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  1. Agreed we likey have to wrait until the next moderate nino comes on giving theres a lag response to minimums perhaps the moderate nino responce comes fall winter 2021-2022.this has been a long stretched out cycle so it not surpising that things are behide by a few years.still think the late 2020s 2030s could prove interesting coast to coast depending how low solar untimely gets and other factors.
  2. It's up on Youtube so if anyone missed the show this past week you can listen to it here
  3. Robert Filex is going to be interviewed on Coast to coast Am tonight from 10 to 12 Pacific time incase any body is interested https://www.iceagenow.info/32947-2/
  4. Robert Filex posted this Article yesterday https://www.iceagenow.info/astrophysicist-mini-ice-age-accelerating-new-maunder-minimum-has-begun-video/
  5. Just heavey rain here the worse stayed north near baltimore and south in Annapolis but these were legit in the locations that got hit in fact possable conferm tornado around the Annapolis location.you could here the litery none stop distence thunder so who ever got the core I have no doubt got slammed.
  6. if you get wiffed today if indeed they issue a tornado watch you know mother nature is truely screwing with you phil.
  7. Anne Arundel is the hot bed for storms this season
  8. Beautiful day today likey the best we had this entire summer.
  9. Larry Cosgrove is increasingly concern about a big hurricane hit or two between the periold mid september- early to mid october base on the pattern potentially supporting a mid west ohio vally trough which would be a ugly pattern for the east coast hopefully something changes because it could be trouble in the making.
  10. to call this a squall line is a embarrassment in it self more like a batch of weak crap
  11. what looked like a good weather day for monday has turned into a showery thunderstorm day on many forecast the models have really been crapping the bed as of late to say the least
  12. Agree with Justin Berk the ghost of Laura ended up futher north then the Ecmwf advertise which was in southern Virginia instead its tracking through maryland.Also is weaker then models indacated as well.amazing considering nearly a little over 48 hours ago we had a well defind hurricane tropica system on the map now it a hard to defind mess embedded in the fronter system.on the bright side tommore looks fantastic.
  13. Moderate rain here with low rumbling thunder from the convection just to the south which have gotten abserlutly hammered tonight.
  14. yeah Anne Arundel county has been a hot bed for storms this summer.it really poured while we were driving to the Columbia Mall a few hours ago.
  15. that a ugly pattern potentially for the peak of hurricane season.alot of threats and or hits with that look.
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