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  1. I'm creating a doc now with all the suggested links so I can do some research later. To whoever first asked the question about education, THANK YOU!!
  2. Seeing all the various grades for this snow event (and this winter in general) makes me think we should create some kind of rubric for future grading. (I am a teacher, after all. )
  3. The snow globe has been shaking all morning here in Lynnwood and is still going like crazy. We have 9.5", up 1.5" from this morning, and if my thermometer can be trusted, it's just under 32 degrees. (I now know what I want for my birthday: some kind of weather station. Any suggestions?? ) (also, I don't know why the pix are sideways. Even though they are upright on my computer, when I uploaded them here they were on their side. I rotated them 90 degrees on my computer, and then they were lying on their other side here. Can't win, I guess... )
  4. 7" at 10am in Lynnwood. Only up 1/2" in the past 2 hours. Still have super tiny "snow" (looks like TV static) and it's breezy out there with gusts that blow through quite often. (Don't know why the photo is sideways. Tried to fix it... )
  5. Hard to believe too!! Here in Lynnwood I measured 6.5" an hour ago!!
  6. Poor hummingbirds this morning, trying to get at that feeder. Need to take care of that right now!
  7. 6.5" on my back deck at 8am in Lynnwood. Still dumping snow and blowing like crazy. Yippeee!! Was so excited I couldn't get to sleep last night, and I laid in bed facing the window with my glasses on so I could see it as long as possible. Was up until at least 2am watching the snow, and woke up 4 hours later absolutely thrilled!!! Don't care at this point how much more we get. I'm a happy camper.
  8. Thanks!! 55 right now!! (and great....something else to obsess over! )
  9. (So, a non-weather related question: what does "Member's total reputation" mean underneath the avatars? )
  10. Something chunky and white is falling from the sky here in Lynnwood. It's dusting my deck!!
  11. It's mostly that things keep getting pushed back. Monday!? What happened to Thurs? Friday? The weekend? And then this: "Seattle ends up with 5-6 inches of snowfall...perhaps half of that in depth." And this: "The main U.S. model the GFS, has subtle differences, with far more snow in general, particularly around Puget Sound. Much less north of Everett." We are just south of Everett... Sorry - I just got a little depressed. (But maybe that's good. Don't want to jinx anything! )
  12. Just read Cliff Mass' latest, and now I'm kind of depressed here in Lynnwood.
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