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  1. One of my FB friends lives out in Cove, OR in the Grande Ronde Valley. He picked up 10.2" with this storm apparently.
  2. I clean the puppy up every night before she comes in for the night, but for some reason sometimes she goes in and out all night, had to break the steam mop out first thing this morning.
  3. I think we were actually ragging on Tim, at least I was. I agree there is a strong signal for significant troughing.
  4. My wife's pet pig is grazing on the front lawn right now...Cue the banjo music...
  5. March is one of my favorite months. It doesn't always deliver, but it does most years up here, and no matter what we usually get at least a few beautiful days.
  6. My grass was covered by slush for 6 hours overnight. We are actually going to try and redo the back yard this year, we'll see if it happens. So much to do. My yard is currently a mud pit, muddiest it has ever been! Muddy yard, muddy dogs!
  7. March 19, 2019. The lawn emerged and it was green! No filter!
  8. Time to start taking bets on how many times PDX hits 60 next January. Let's set the over/under at 2.
  9. There is about a 2.5% chance it does given it is March. If this was January there would be a 0% chance.
  10. I hope we just get a couple nice troughs. Cloudy and 36 right now after a low of 32. Hoping for some sunshine this afternoon.
  11. I am equally excited about the potential for both things.
  12. 12z GFS ends up putting the 510 thickness line to about Olympia, 516 to Salem, 522 to Medford. It is Trough-a-licious.
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