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  1. Not gonna be upset with Des Moines being bullseyed this year. Much like us, they’ve had a tough go at it the past several years.
  2. Measured 2.2” at 9am this morning. Wet as can be.
  3. the CR area is unlikely to see much more than 2" from this I think.
  4. Whatever snow exists on the back side looks to be squally in nature. Strong CAA should yield seasonably steep lapse rates and CAPE.
  5. All our pattern needs is cold. The activity is there. But will be hard to build up a deep snowpack in such a mild pattern.
  6. Whew this system really crapped out. Looking like maybe a 1-2” system here optimistically. Not gonna complain tho.
  7. Final total of 9.2" taken from average of snow boards around the yard. Well forecast and very respectable event. Honestly the first event I can remember where I'm left thinking ... D**n did the canadian do a good job.
  8. Hard to tell, but seems the consensus in CR is about 9-10”. Solid. Seeing a couple 11s south and east of town. I have not measured
  9. Outside shot at 10” in CR. Final band of 30dbz should move in and last an hour or two.
  10. And you were worried about underperforming. Glad things are working out for you over there!
  11. Looking outside in downtown CR and we’ve got to be 2.5-3” with 1-2”/hr rates. Just pounding.
  12. It's not. Some funky beam height shenanigans going on. Stations still reporting snow with visibilities ranging from 0.5-1.5mi. Though the DGZ out there isnt especially saturated so I cant imagine the snow is particularly efficient at accumulating.
  13. They're doing work. Roads are already solidly covered. Not great, not terrible flake size!
  14. There is a serious band pushing 50dbz just SW of Pella that is probably doing 3-4"/hr, maybe more. No bright banding either. As for our area. It's coming down at a decent clip, but flake size is rather unimpressive currently. It's not bad by any means, just unimpressive.
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