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  1. They believe it will become a vertically stacked low . That helps mitigate the southerlies to an extent.
  2. I cannot remember the exact date but in between those snow storms I remember driving to the Sears at Everett Mall conducting Christmas shopping and the car was bouncing all over the place in the frozen ice with a temperature reading in the mid teens, that is something that I wish to see again.
  3. If Scott is onto something with the 1950 comparison and JAYA also saying it will be a top tier event. Let us believe history is about to be made for us all. Let us enjoy this in all its glory******************** A Winter Wonderland
  4. The Weather Channel loves to use the HRRR tool as well. I have noticed it has issues with the Puget Sound area many times as it is utilizing past radar echoes to predict the future. The CZ zones appear out of nothing with little warning.
  5. Light snow here at work in Bellevue presently. nothing sticking just super small flakes. Also it is 6 degrees warmer here than back at home.
  6. Sure looks that way. And that low is off of La Push vs Willapa Bay
  7. Yeah it could make a slight left turn and pummel Seattle. I also don't see any forward progress with the low level clouds on satellite like I did earlier this morning. It is as if they are being held up by something. The line in BC is actually moving eastward now. This is that shortwave that has been there since early this morning.
  8. He is more gungho than anyone else about this . Says it is historic to boot
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