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#543535 Part I - January 2020 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by TT-SEA on 08 January 2020 - 03:18 PM

Very positive splat test...

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#562071 February 2020 Wx Obs and Model Discussion

Posted by Deweydog on 01 February 2020 - 04:33 PM

Did anyone really doubt he'd come back, probably sooner than later?

It looks like the fact I was abstaining in protest really got some legs! I just couldn’t log in for several days after the sealed indictment was handed down.

Prison really changes a man, though. I suddenly see teleconnections so much clearer now. You’ll really do just about anything to keep your mind occupied. My wife was really confused a few days ago when I put up a giant Rita Hayworth poster in our bedroom then ratcheted up the concern after I went swimming in our septic tank this morning.
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#398018 December 2018 Weather in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by MR.SNOWMIZER on 23 December 2018 - 08:13 AM

Off topic but me and my girlfriend are now engaged to be married!! one of my biggest fears after loosing my wife was not ever finding another love like me and her had but this girl Trisha came into my life and everything worked out great. We acually dated way back in 1990. She has 2 girls age 9 and 13 and i really enjoy having young ones around the home again. Just wanted to share this with all you.

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#187128 December 2016 Observations and Model Discussion for the Pacific Northwest

Posted by MR.SNOWMIZER on 18 December 2016 - 12:23 PM

Been a emotional day.. First time in 27 years i went and picked a Christmas tree without my woman but me and my son made the best of it and had a good time. Its been a real test as a father dealing with all this. Dont want to sound like a wimp but life is so short. All who have a wife or significant other go give them a hug and spend every second with them like its the last!!

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#448519 February 2019 Weather Observations and Discussion Part 2

Posted by TigerWoodsLibido on 25 February 2019 - 11:15 AM

Thanks for all your support folks!

Magical year 18-19. Worth the wait. 😁❄️

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#561974 February 2020 Wx Obs and Model Discussion

Posted by Deweydog on 01 February 2020 - 02:24 PM

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#536890 Part I - January 2020 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by MR.SNOWMIZER on 03 January 2020 - 03:31 PM

The best part of a good snowstorm around here IS the disturbance of every day life. It brings out the kids in adults and most people enjoy it. It really is magic around here when it happens and you dont get that in places where it is a normal winter thing. Even now at 47 years old I was still out last night with a spot light in front of my cabin waiting for the snow to begin. My wife used to tell me when it started to snow she could see the twinkle in my eyes and for people like Tim or other people who grew up in a true winter climate will never understand what we have been through here growing up waiting for that first winter snow flake.
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#424065 February 2019 Weather in the Pacific Northwest - Part 1

Posted by iFred on 04 February 2019 - 05:40 PM

up vote this if you like snow

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#405126 January 2019 Weather in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Jginmartini on 08 January 2019 - 09:21 AM

39* Federal Way
Currently at my parents place in SE Portland with some nice gusty east winds blowing at times.

Had awesome celebration of life service yesterday for Dad and nice weather as well!
The most emotional part was at Willamette National Cemetery where he had the Three volley solute with Taps playing.
Navel personal handed over the flag to my Mom....such a powerful moment and emotions flowed. I so much wanted to thank the two gentlemen who who did the 13 folds of our Flag but they disappeared just as hero’s do.

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#206934 January 2017 Observations and Model Discussion for the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Tyler Mode on 14 January 2017 - 07:02 PM

The state of the snow now 4 days after it fell. 


I've never seen such staying power in our snow with sunny days as well!  2008 it stuck around a long time but it was pretty much socked in the entire time.


Vancouver Lake is frozen, I've never seen that before and the trees are still coated amazingly well.


The one picture of the road looks like it's from the mid-west, not SW Washington.


High of 33.6 today after a low of 9.5.

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#538665 Part I - January 2020 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by SeanNyberg on 05 January 2020 - 10:19 AM

I've been lurking here for years and rarely post, but let me just say this about the ridiculous Tim criticism.

1) You've all added about 100x more attention and energy to these "negative" posts than they would've had if people just read them and moved on. So now 80% of the posts are about how you don't want to hear certain posts. Seems like the whining is doing exactly the opposite of what the whiners claim they want, MAYBE they just like having something to complain about because they love being a victim.


2) We all say we love to see long range forecasts that show major events; wind, snow, etc. Most of us will add "yeah, we know this is probably a fantasy, but it's fun to look at." Why is that okay, but posting long range forecasts showing moderate trends suddenly unrealistic and inappropriate?


3) Tim can't make you feel a certain way, you choose to feel how you feel. So giving this guy as much power as you do is your own problem and it's your personal choice.


4) From what I can gather, Tim doesn't control the weather, so, he can downplay whatever he wants and it's not going to change what is actually going to happen. You might say "Well he's dumping cold water on all of the excitement!!" to that I would say, go read number 3 ... he only dumps cold water on it if you let him. 


5) I don't know Tim, never met Tim, never talked to Tim, don't even know if Tim is his real name. You guys all seem to have a major crush on this dude and you really NEED his approval. Why not ignore the posts you don't like if you are on here for the hype, if you're on here for the updates know that some updates may not be what you want to see.  But, by all means, get over your obsession with what Tim posts and stop droning on and on about his posts that you don't like, all it does is promote said posts.

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#543977 Part I - January 2020 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by hawkstwelve on 08 January 2020 - 08:44 PM

With the event getting closer and more new people joining I thought this might be a good time to share some links I've gathered over the years to help track, observe, report, etc. on various things. I know when I first started on this forum a big event would come and everyone would be sharing information that I did not have access to or did not know where to find. I hope these links help that not be the case for some of the new people (or even veterans!).


I've included a bunch of links below. These are by no means everything out there (or everything I have) but they should give you a nice head start. I've pulled these mainly from the bookmarks that I've built up over the years and have sorted them to make it easier. 


Satellite and Radar 


UW Weather Loops - This has a bunch of satellite views with water vapor, infrared, visible, etc. for various sections of the West/PNW


NexLAB Radar and GOES Satellite - This website hosts the NexLAB radar which is one of a couple radars I use. It also has the GOES East and West satellite. These are fairly new, high-res satellites that are among the best satellite views you can get.


UW 500mb Obs and GFS Overlay - This gives a satellite view of the current 500mb pattern with an overlay of the GFS. It's nice to use when trying to pick up certain 500mb features.

https://a.atmos.wash....cgi?sat_500 9/


Surface Analysis


NWS/SPC Mesoanalysis Page - A key page when looking at the current temps of the upper levels. This will come to be a huge help when determining how far the cold air has come in on Sunday, what the 850mb and 925mb temps are, etc. Big one here!


NWS Data Viewer - Good page to get current obs and data from sites around the PNW such as temp, wind direction, etc.


NWS Hourly Obs - Another good page to get the official obs for sites throughout WA.





UW-WRF Ensembles - Very high resolution ensembles that are great to use once we get close to an event. Includes plumes, plots, means, spread, etc.


NCEP SREF Plumes - I am not too familiar with these but they were shared by a met once. I'll check them every now and again.


EMC GEFS Plumes - Another set of ensembles I occasionally use that are tied to the GEFS.


Wetterzentrale GEFS Ensembles - The most common ensemble view that is shared here. 





These don't really need explanation - Various sites to view various models.







https://weathermodels.comand https://www.weatherbell.com (Paid)




You can put any city in here (KBLI, KSEA, KPDX, etc.) and find the gradient. Helps estimate wind speeds. The charts take a little getting used to but just take the two numbers marked by the points on the left side and subtract them to get the gradient. These are the two I use most often.


Fraser outflow: http://wxweb.meteost...hoice=KBLI CYWL

Easterly flow: http://wxweb.meteost...hoice=KEAT KSEA

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#542731 Part I - January 2020 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by Skier B on 08 January 2020 - 01:01 AM

Just for you, snow wizard!!  1969 near SeaTac Airport.


Found these while moving my uncle out of his house.  My grandfather sent them to him when he was over seas fighting in the Vietnam War.


Grandpa noted he had to shovel the roof multiple times over the duration of the event.


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#52273 December 2014 Observations for the Pacific Northwest

Posted by SilverFallsAndrew on 17 December 2014 - 03:41 PM

Sorry, but I had too....


Abbi on the left is 4lb 6oz, Lexi on the right is 6lb 2oz.



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#445234 February 2019 Weather Observations and Discussion Part 2

Posted by TT-SEA on 22 February 2019 - 09:29 PM

You really do have issues, not looking for an argument here, but d**n dude, I do not live there, nice job reading way too much in to what I said, take a xanax or something... settle the **** down!!


I am not reading anything into what you said.    I said after 50 inches of snow this month... I am cheering for this one to go south.   And you launched into some attack on me based on income and my yuppie neighbors and cliques.   Which was of course unnecessary and completely off topic... but seems to be the main undercurrent and root source of your issues with me since it always comes up.    I sense this from a few others as well.


So... I am going to tell you a little bit more about me in an effort to build a bridge.    


We left Minnesota with $1,000.   We do not come from wealthy families.   My father-in-law was a plumber and my dad was a public school teacher.   My wife paid for her entire education... and then her masters degree.   When we got married we had well over $100,000 in student debt and $1,000 in the bank.     And moved into a small apartment in a really bad area of downtown San Diego so my wife could be a nurse at Balboa Naval Hospital.    We saved enough money to buy a tract home in a nicer suburb of San Diego and got really lucky with the San Diego real estate market.   We used that equity to buy 12 acres of land in northern San Diego County and built a home there.   We got lucky again and it went up in value and we used that equity to buy the lot in North Bend where we live now.  We bought the smallest and cheapest lot in our development and still barely made it work.   But they say its best to be the cheapest house in a nice neighborhood as opposed to the opposite.   We contracted to have our home built but we spent over a year doing everything we could to keep costs down.   And we still have the most basic home possible.  But we did it.   The lansdscaping and gardens have been a 15-year labor of love for my wife.   We have no gardeners or any other help.   We have done it all ourselves.   I drive a old Honda Accord that is probably worth $10K.  We bought a boat for $15K.   My sons both drive cars under $10K and pay for them themselves with their own money they earn working.  We are actually looked down upon by some of our neighbors for our "crappy" cars parked in the driveway.     And we still do not have much savings other than our 401Ks through our employers... and money is a constant stress.    Our vacations involve stopping at Costco first and buying all of our food there.   Or they are work-related for my wife and paid for by someone else.  


It does not feel real good to be labeled as some wealthy yuppie who had everything handed to him and does not relate to the common folk.   Its not accurate.  I am very common... and feel way more comfortable in a local bar and grill than in some overpriced restaurant in Bellevue or Seattle. 


I guess knowing more about a person is probably better than making false assumptions.    

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#426656 February 2019 Weather in the Pacific Northwest - Part 1

Posted by SeanNyberg on 06 February 2019 - 11:08 AM

I know we are like Leonardo DiCaprio on one of his yachts, waiting for the newest and freshest models to come out, but I just wanted to say Hi!

I'm new to this forum.

Studied meteorology at UW for two years before making a huge pivot and deciding to get into Law. Got my JD at Gonzaga Law.

Obsessed with weather, born and raised in Issaquah, college in Seattle, law school in Spokane, and now I live in downtown Bellevue.


When I was in middle school I job shadowed Jeff Renner on King 5 News.  I was so d**n excited and no one else in my class knew who he was. haha


Anyway - look forward to all the posts and throwing my thoughts in occasionally.

Just wanted to say HI!

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#539253 Part I - January 2020 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by bainbridgekid on 05 January 2020 - 03:51 PM

The purpose of this forum isn't to provide the most balanced, accurate, and tempered forecasts for the public's consumption. There is the NWS and weather apps for that.


The purpose of this forum is for weather nuts to discuss exciting and interesting weather with other weather nuts. Unbridled excitement at the possibilities is part of that.

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#538631 January 2020 Observations & Discussion

Posted by BrianJK on 05 January 2020 - 10:00 AM

Also, with respect to the last system, I made a statement that I would donate to a charity if I got hit good (6"+ or 10"+).  I posted in the storm thread, but didn't ever receive a response from anyone regarding the official storm total from Eagle River or a preferred charity, so I just made a $150 donation to St. Jude.  I hope to do more of these (IF "WINTER" PERMITS!!!)



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#519197 December 2019 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by ShawniganLake on 01 December 2019 - 09:21 AM

A dusting of white looking out my weather window

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#515979 November 2019 Weather Discussion for the PNW

Posted by puyallupjon on 25 November 2019 - 06:34 PM

fun times

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