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  1. Yeah I hear ya mate. Don't worry I'm not a member of the church either though. Cloudy/breezy here now after rain all night, 15C/59F
  2. Huh, TIL you are not a disciple of that evil evil church.
  3. Ok, who downvoted my last post? COME ON.
  4. Yeah...I gotta relocate somewhere drier/colder. The orographic lift doesn't seem to have any effect on snow totals either, at least where I am.
  5. Hoping for a very strong N-S gradient this winter.
  6. Still above average for temps here this weekend.
  7. Same here. Dry=good in general but this area kinda has issues when it is too dry.
  8. What do you think about magnetic reversals (and waffling of said reversals) and its effect on future climate and paleoclimates? And of course, looking at the evidence, it appears these reversals aren't linear at all and occur over a large time frame from a human perspective. It's all very non-linear. Humans have a very hard time looking at things in that way.
  9. Here's my short review for here: 16-17 = excellent, loved the cold seepage 17-18 = meh except for Feb 2018 but overall meh 18-19 = meh except for Feb 2019 but overall meh 19-20 = dogsh*t except for a few days in January but overall dogsh*t
  10. Betting $100,000 the models are severely overdoing the late month heat.
  11. Just had a nice 1 hour shower. Air is nice and clean and I can actually see some blue sky to the south between the clouds. Muuuuch better! **** that was a long week.
  12. May Thor have mercy on your souls with his handsome rains and thunders.
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