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  1. I mean Newcastle Island, not Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island is pretty big bro!
  2. Yes, moreso than Nanaimo itself. Even the west side of that little island is more lush than the eastern side.
  3. There are tons and tons of oaks on Newcastle Island just off of Nanaimo. Weird little microcosm there.
  4. Back in mid October I predicted a snow-producer around Dec 12th. We'll see how that pans out!
  5. Zero sunshine here today, just rainy and then cloudy after the rains ceased.
  6. Looks like my call for a mild/wettish November will be right on target.
  7. I am merely remarking that it has been very wet and depressing where I live, so I would also like a change to drier and *gasp*, sunnier weather. Other people are allowed to cheer for weather you don't like.
  8. It's been pretty depressing here and moderately wet so I will gladly welcome some drier weather for once.
  9. Lock it in! Can't wait till my friends in Portland can get temps in the 90s again.
  10. It was kinda sunny (hey I'll take what I can get, it's been dark the past few days) this morning but now it's cloudy with light drizzle. Need more ridging and 11C temps!
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