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  1. I know right. It was a rain/snow mix here on Saturday morning.
  2. Non-scientists trying to do science. That's all it is at this point.
  3. I hope you're right. I'd love the rest of summer to be cool if not downright chilly. It has come quite early this year so perhaps it will leave early as well.
  4. Light rain here now. Very light. Feels muggy as hell.
  5. Still 89 degrees here in the north van banana belt. Just wish the dew was a bit higher.
  6. Hey, you know what? Maybe this is a sign of good things for winter. I am betting big on a historic cold blast this (or next) winter.
  7. 95F for a high here in North Van. Nice and warm. Perfect weather for a barbecue and drinks. Or in my case, shrimp tacos with habanero salsa and margaritas.
  8. How we all DOIN'? I hope y'all are ready for some heat. Very much looking forward to this death ridge. It has been a while since we have seen something similar in this moss and silverfish infested place.
  9. It's been so dry here. When there is a chance of rain it just doesn't seem to want to rain much, just very light...
  10. 52F highs here the past few days. Pretty jealous of all the warmth down south.
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