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  1. 52F highs here the past few days. Pretty jealous of all the warmth down south.
  2. Same here. Very nice day. See, these sunny days aren't all bad.
  3. Yeah I am rooting for 72 degrees and partly cloudy skies with some wind. Can't get better than that.
  4. But it's cloudy here. I hope you're looking forward to that March snow.
  5. I didn't measure but it looked around that number when I cleared the snow off the hood of my car. I was kinda surprised. We usually do worse than most areas here. FV got screwed though with that first snowfall.
  6. I think I topped out at 10cm which is better than some other areas nearby, which got nothing. Temps were very unimpressive though.
  7. March snow still a possibility as well. Crossing fingers.
  8. Hopefully it pans out and bleeds into March. I want my March snowfall!
  9. March will be relatively snowy, as I have maintained since some time in December. Mark my words.
  10. is it over already? D****T i was getting excited over the run before the last run (GFS)
  11. My March forecast for first snowfall is still looking pretty good.
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