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I'm an American living in Bangkok, Thailand. Recently I had a bad allergic reaction to something in my apartment. Long story, but it seems dust mites in my mattress were the biggest culprit (have since replaced mattress).
Anyway, before I figured this out, one day I searched "Bangkok pollen count" to see if maybe there was some vegetation that might be causing the problem this time of year. What came up, however, was a warning of "extreme indoor dust and dander levels."
While that made sense, I was curious how accuweather.com could predict *indoor* conditions based on the weather outside. I emailed them, but they only replied,
"The Indexes section of AccuWeather.com is third-party generated. We do not predict this information ourselves. The third party company takes our data and analyses the temperatures, pressure, humidity, etc. to determine the Dust/Dander forecasts."
In other words, a non-answer. I then asked, "Then who's the third party?," but they never replied.
So, does anyone know the answer to the above Question?
BTW, it is currently the "rainy season" here in Thailand. This region has basically 4 seasons: 1) Rainy (approx. Jun–Oct), 2) "Cool" (Nov–Jan), and 3) Hot (Feb–May)
Now in the rainy season, rain is sporadic (common to rain a bit in afternoon, some days no rain, occasional downpour). It's warm (80°–90°F) and humid.
Thanks.indoor dust and dander.png
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