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    100 Billion investment

    By AquariusRadar,

    Let's hope ex Gov. Riamondo finds water infrastructure a valuable place to land 10-20 billion of that 100 billion pile of cash. California is certainly invaluable when it comes to the nations food supply. No- the Pacific Northwest cannot grow vegetables/food like California can. It makes sense to invest in something as valuable as the California Valley soils that can grow anything-if it has water to do so. Riamondo seems focused on high tech chip manufacture etc. when water should be the #1 priority. The Pacific northwest has the water but not the bountiful climate and soils. It's easy to move water. Rich productive soils next to impossible impossible. A Link to the story.


    11/28 - 11/30 Plains/GL's System

    By Tom,

    This may not be your quintessential CO Low, but nevertheless, it'll deliver a decent swath of Snow from the Rockies into the W GL's.  Looks like @hawkstwelve @james1976 @Madtown @St Paul Stormare in line for a nice storm to lay down some white gold.

    0z Euro...





    06z GEFS...




    0z UKIE...




    Weather Forum inside lingo

    By Chris,

    With snow showing on the models, there are some new members who probably don’t understand some of the terms developed by weather forum regulars.

    Take this short test to see how many you know.


    Drunk Uncle (druncle)

    A.       The 18z GFS, due to its frequently absurd results

    B.      People who stay up all night posting the latest model runs

    Fake Cold

    A.       Cold air that forms in-place in the PNW

    B.      What you tell your boss that you caught so you can stay home watching model runs

    Polar Vortex

    A.       The low pressure that forms over the North Pole in the winter

    B.      What you get from your spouse when you go to bed at 2 am after watching model runs

    Clown Range

    A.      The Euro after 10 days

    B.      The GFS after 10 hours


    A.       Bright pink on the snow maps

    B.      Medicine taken when the models trend north


    A.       Small city in Oregon where college football coaches are trained for Florida jobs

    B.      Driest place in Oregon, except maybe Lake Oswego

    Stampede Pass

    A.      Washington mountain pass on I-90

    B.      Where 15-year-olds are trained in nuclear physics

    Back door blast

    A.       When frigid air moves in from the east

    B.      What you get in prison if you hire Deweydog as your attorney

    That’s just a few.  Add your own.

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