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    How does dust devil form?

    Studio Dewolf
    By Studio Dewolf,

    Can the dust devils injure humans? How is a dust devil created? What is the lifespan? How big is the dust devil? When can you spot them?


    What's May 2021 goin to bring

    Weather gui
    By Weather gui,

    Temperature May 20°C | 68°F


    Temperature May max. 25°C | 77°F


    Temperature May min. 15°C | 60°F


    Precipitation / Rainfall May 5.2mm | 0.2 inches




    Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Wind - Is it possible to figure out the mystery?

    Tornado Analyzer
    By Tornado Analyzer,

    How would you like to find the solution to reducing, preventing or eliminating hurricanes and tornadoes?  Let me ask you, what is the smallest component of a tornado, hurricane or wind?  I figured that one out.  How about, how can a tornado hit one house but not another?  And, how can tornadoes be created at night?  I answer the question that scientists can't, why is the Northern and Southern Light the same color, shape and size?    In my unpublished book, I have one incredible solution to reduce the tornadoes in tornado alley.  More solutions to be in future books.  To confirm, I created a test fixture to simulate the rotating ocean water and air movement of a hurricane.  Then created the shape of a hurricane and tornado.  More to come...  Gene

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