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Vote on the Color Theme!


Theme Poll  

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  1. 1. Which theme would you prefer?

    • Current theme, with the blue touch
    • A primarily white theme, much like the original color shceme
    • A dark theme, though better optimized than the craziness from earlier
    • Have another great idea? pls DM one of us!

This poll is closed to new votes

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Hi all!

We're deciding on what look the forum should have. Presently we've settled on this current color scheme, but we'd love to know what y'all prefer. This poll will remain up for a week so everyone has a chance to vote.

For clarification, the dark theme would be much better optimized (text in particular) than what was installed earlier, if it were to win.

Thank you for your input!

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Weather stats for MBY


-Total snowfall since joining: 50.25"

-2018-19: 21"

-2019-20: 2.5"

-2020-21: 13"

-2021-22: 8.75"

-2022-23: 5.75"

-2023-24*: 0.25"

-Most recent snowfall: 0.25”; January 17th, 2024

-Largest snowfall (single storm): 8.5"; February 12-13, 2021

-Largest snow depth: 14"; 1:30am February 12th, 2019


-Warmest: 109F; June 28th, 2021

-Coldest: 13F; December 27th, 2021

-Phreeze Count 2023-24: 31

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Only comment I can add is at night the white is hard on your eyes if you're working for long.

Before You Diagnose Yourself With Depression or Low Self-Esteem,...First Make Sure You Are Not In Fact, Just Surrounded By A$$holes.

“If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell.”  Gen. Sheridan 1866

2018 Rainfall - 62.65" High Temp. - 110.03* Low Temp. - 8.4*

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