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Alaska, extreme temperature variations measured on the move over very short distances in Fairbanks area

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-32.9° C [-27.2° F] the lowest temperature and a strong spatial variability with an excursion of 11.8° C [20.5° F] in a few kilometers.

Another on the go measurement, shows an even greater temperature spatial variation, from -28.7° [-19.7° F] C to -14.3° C [6.7° F] in less than 2 km (1.2 miles) 

These figures are the main outcomes from two mobile measurement sessions carried out by Vladimir Alexeev, research professor at the International Arctic Research Center Alaska University (Fairbanks) with portable mini-weather station MeteoTracker.

These sessions are carried out as part of a mobile weather data measurement campaign started on December 10th in the Fairbanks area (Alaska), which is highlighting how big is the gap in weather and climate characterization due to spatial undersampling of the existing fixed weather station network.

The mobile acquisition includes temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dew-points, speed, altitude and vertical gradient index.

Here are the links to access and analyze on map and graphs the two above mentioned mobile measurement sessions (gmail login requested at the moment).






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New MeteoTracker low-record of -33.3° C (-27.9° F) and extreme inversion recorded during a MeteoTracker session in the Fairbanks area (Alaska) on January 26 2021.
A difference of as much as 19.2° C (34.5° F) over a distance of approximately 5 km (3.1 miles), with a temperature variation from -33.3° C (-27.9° F) to -14.1° C (6.6° F), was detected by Vladimir Alexeev (researcher of the International Arctic Institute, University of Alaska) at around 9 A.M. Alaska time.
These are unprecedent measurements, for their systematicity and very high spatial resolution
The data analysis performed on the MeteoTracker web platform (vertical profile graph and other tools) shows very well how strong the positive vertical temperature gradient was.
Also, StreetView images with MeteoTracker data superimposed are available in the MeteoTracker web platform.
Here the link to support the project.






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