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Who's who?

Anti Marine Layer

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Who is each one referring to?

1. This guy posts a lot here and has a stunningly beautiful backyard. His posts annoy other people who have different weather preferences than he does.

2. This guy used to post in the California thread, but one day he got really angry and walked away for good.

3. This member was part of Team Qwerty while it existed. They are a storm chaser in the place where they live.

4. This person visits the forums daily to give negative reactions to people they don't like. They very rarely post anything of their own.

5. This guy lived in Paradise, CA and used to post very long descriptions of air mass movement. Sadly one day there was a really bad fire in his hometown.

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Aw poor guy didn’t get any to play in his ridiculous game. 

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Bend, OR

Elevation: 3550'


Snow History:

Nov: 1"

Dec: .5"

Jan: 1.9"

Feb: 12.7"

Mar: 1.0"

Total: 17.1"


2016/2017: 70"

2015/2016: 34"

Average: ~25"


2017/2018 Winter Temps

Lowest Min: 1F on 2/23

Lowest Max: 23F on 12/24, 2/22

Lows <32: 87

Highs <32: 13


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Wow, what a memory!   
I recall Richard Mann. I don’t think he ever posted a pleasant thing. Couldn’t understand why he bothered with us if we were so intolerable.  😉

I may not be a weather genius but I try to get along and consider opinions different from my own.  I actually learn a lot from you guys. 

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Before You Diagnose Yourself With Depression or Low Self-Esteem,...First Make Sure You Are Not In Fact, Just Surrounded By A$$holes.

“If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell.”  Gen. Sheridan 1866

2018 Rainfall - 62.65" High Temp. - 110.03* Low Temp. - 8.4*

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Isn’t Richard Mann the name of a porn star? Could be wrong... 

Snowfall                                  Precip

2022-23: 95.0"                      2022-23: 17.39"

2021-22: 52.6"                    2021-22: 91.46" 

2020-21: 12.0"                    2020-21: 71.59"

2019-20: 23.5"                   2019-20: 58.54"

2018-19: 63.5"                   2018-19: 66.33"

2017-18: 30.3"                   2017-18: 59.83"

2016-17: 49.2"                   2016-17: 97.58"

2015-16: 11.75"                 2015-16: 68.67"

2014-15: 3.5"
2013-14: 11.75"                  2013-14: 62.30
2012-13: 16.75"                 2012-13: 78.45  

2011-12: 98.5"                   2011-12: 92.67"

It's always sunny at Winters Hill! 
Fighting the good fight against weather evil.


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