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Georgia Florida Water War


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The SCOTUS has handed Georgia a win in the ongoing battle for Chattahoochee/Appalachia river water. The court couldn't find how Florida was damaged; how much is too much water usage? The real problem is not insufficient water flow down to the oyster estuary of Appalachia Bay; the problem is polluted water. In addition from the huge urban runoff from Atlanta, the farmers in the Georgia cotton and peanut along the rivers banks continue to use Roundup and other posions for weed control. These weed killers are biodegradable by UV light and soil microbes, but once the posions get into the water column they float down to the Bay where it kills the tiny green phytoplankton (plants) that oysters feed on to grow. The issue won't be resolved until this is prevented by subsidizing the additional costs of conventional  mechanical tilling for those farmers right on the river drainage. The entire Southeast oyster industry has been destroyed by Roundup like chemicals. 

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