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Ever visited or registered on other weather forums?

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If so do you use the same username or are you under another?


Just curious how far you've expand your horizons.   There really seems to be no central place to find weather forums.  It's also sad the US has the shaft on weather forums where there is a lot of international places to discuss things and by discuss things I mean actually IN DEPTH analyst kind of discussion and it can be like being on cocaine where once you get into it it's hard to stop!

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Growing up in Houston I was a member of a weather board on there under HTX_Weather.

>1" Snowfalls for Fargo-Hector Int'l Airport in 2020-21: 10/20 (4.2"), 10/22 (2.7"),


Total Snowfall for 2020-2021 @ KFAR: 8.7"            Coldest Low: 9*F (11/17)



First flake of the season: 10/15 @ 21:27 CDT


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Yes, on bcstorms.ca, using almost the same handle (the one I use there has an underscore in it).

I'm only about 15 miles south of the border as the crow flies, and my weather has more in common with the BC Lower Mainland than it does with most of the rest of Western Washington.

It's called clown range for a reason.

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