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What are good/reliable weather stations that don't cost more then 300$?

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I want a decent weather station this summer after I save up enough during the spring but still I don't want to go above 300$ if I can help it which is the price of a new game console.    I want to start my own blog but I am going to wait until I have a really nice weather station to do so. 


My parents bought me an Oregon Scientific once but it was a pain in the butt to set up with Dad because of these really tiny screws which you couldn't use ordinary screws.  They were hard to turn for Dad and the Oregon Scientific got wonky after our last ice storm in 2008.   


We had another brand I cannot remember that wounded up using solar batteries despite NOT saying so in the box and the batteries despite following instructions to the T would not charge.  We held the button for the appropriate amount of time and the company even sent us another model for free after tellling them of the problem but still it would never work which we think it may have been because of constant cloud cover.     The station wasn't too much down the drain thank goodness!  


The Oregon Craptific one not only had weird screw holes but Dad and I had to build a special stand to mount it on the fence post before it went wonkey after the ice storm.

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This is what I have. 




Works awesome, easy set up and right around your price range. 


The computer program to go with it is kind of pricey ($!00+) but I have no complaints at all with it.  Had it for just over a year now.

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I have an indoor Accurate not sure how long they last though since it doesn't have a rain gauge.  It's just a basic weather set to get me by.  


My temps yesterday here in the Salem Area have been in the upper 20s yet all the snow yesterday melted in Salem right away and the roads were  just fine if you don't go up in the hills.    


School canceled yesterday in Salem but was open in Silverton which is MORE dangerous because half the students and teachers live up in the foothills.     Salem could've gotten by with a 2 hour delay to allow time for the roads to melt.


Today all schools are closed which is a good call.   Silverton schools updated at midnight to all closed which I think it would've been suicide to try to stay open with how slick the roads are now.  Even the Great Lake cities will shut down if there is any hints of ice.

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I have had great luck with my Oregon Scientific WMR986. I have had it for almost 7 years. The rain guage finaly stopped working last winter, but everything else just keeps on trucking. No weird screws on mine, all the instraments clamp on poles or are bolted to a metal roof.

Too bad it's discontinued, It's been a good one, It was about $240.

Winter 13/14-

Coldest Low- -18*

Coldest Windchill- -30*

Total Snow- 16"

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You generally get what you pay for, but I think the Davis is probably the best bang for you buck. Mine cost over $1000 dollars, but it has an aspirator, rain gauge, heater, UV index, and solar radiation collector. If it's out in the sun, an aspirator is a must. 

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If you are looking for buying a new device within 300$ then, AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station is best and reliable and cheap. I have been using this device for 2 years at my home for the weather forecast. It works brilliantly and gives me the accurate data. This is my best personal weather station.You can easily mount the 5 in-1 integrated sensor system and connect it to your PC. After reviewing many of sites on the internet I got a great link that helps me a lot to buy this device: https://thehumannest.com/best-weather-station-reviews/. I have also collected the reviews about various weather station from this site, and finally, I found the best device. If you want you can check it out.

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