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Queen Elizabeth II has died


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2 hours ago, Iceresistance said:

Yep :(


Prince Charles will succeed her as King Charles III.

Any thoughts on Prince Andrew's "alleged" involvement with minors and Jeffrey Epstein?

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2022-23: 95.0"                      2022-23: 17.39"

2021-22: 52.6"                    2021-22: 91.46" 

2020-21: 12.0"                    2020-21: 71.59"

2019-20: 23.5"                   2019-20: 58.54"

2018-19: 63.5"                   2018-19: 66.33"

2017-18: 30.3"                   2017-18: 59.83"

2016-17: 49.2"                   2016-17: 97.58"

2015-16: 11.75"                 2015-16: 68.67"

2014-15: 3.5"
2013-14: 11.75"                  2013-14: 62.30
2012-13: 16.75"                 2012-13: 78.45  

2011-12: 98.5"                   2011-12: 92.67"

It's always sunny at Winters Hill! 
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I’m not big on the royals, however she served her nation as a top diplomat with a lifetime of dignity.  That’s a success in anyones book.  
She was a mainstay to her nation so I’m sure they’ll have an adjustment ahead.  

Also, she was the last living head of state to wear a uniform against Nazi Germany.   That little fact certainly gave me pause.  

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20 hours ago, SilverFallsAndrew said:

Any thoughts on Prince Andrew's "alleged" involvement with minors and Jeffrey Epstein?

Prince Andrew apparently resigned in 2019 and he wants to have none of it with any part of the royal family.

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