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Consecutive Earthquakes in Nepal

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Guys is it really the Global Warming and the subsequent climate change responsible for the quakes? Or they are totally natural?


Independent events.  I've heard a theory that more water in the oceans would mean more weight on the tectonic plates, but it has no scientific acceptance.

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Well the theory looks quite interesting to me. In fact I was reading somewhere that It’s the ebb and flow of rainwater in the great river deltas of India and Bangladesh, and the pressure that puts on the grinding plates that make up the surface of the planet. They say this pressure is sufficient to trigger quakes.

Claire Anderson


San Francisco, CA, USA


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Generally unrelated.

Heavy rainfall has been thought to lubricate faults and encourage slips where stress may exist but quakes are not affected by climate in my opinion. If you want to equate rainfall and climate change then I suppose that argument could be made. Now, quakes are associated consistently with volcanic activity, and gases from volcanoes, SO2, does create a cooling affect as in the Krakatoa event in the early 1800's or the recent eruptions in Iceland.

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