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2020 - 2021 California and Southwest Weather Discussion Thread


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Taal volcano appears to be undergoing a large eruption in the Philippines. Volcanic eruptions, especially significant ones, in that part of the world almost always directly affects our climate here on the west coast of North America. Last time Taal erupted was 1977, which here in Southern California was followed by one of our wettest rainy seasons in history for 1977-78. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 ended a five-year drought here as well and gave us a very cool summer.


No guarantees on how this will affect our weather, but this is definitely worth watching.

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Air quality not looking to be that great.


I noticed that today as well.


NWS has upped their precipitation total predictions for Thursday. This morning they had my area at 0.1-0.25", now it's 0.25-0.50" for Thursday's cold front. Snow level could be around 3500 feet.





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For the 16th time in the last 17 days, the sunrise is at 6:55 AM. In the same time, the sunset has changed from 4:52 PM to 5:06 PM. Sunrise will finally be 6:54 AM tomorrow, but that's still later than the Winter Solstice.


Looks cloudy this morning so hopefully we can get more than just some sprinkles or drizzle from it.

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Not related to the current "storm", but something just occurred to me - the NOAA and NWS use 30 year averages, which they update every ten years to calculate average temperatures/precipitation for a given location. For years now I had gotten used to seeing "1981-2010 averages" on their websites and data pages, and before that I remember seeing "1971-2000 averages". Some old pages still even have "1961-1990 averages" if you can spot them. But now, or probably starting next year, we'll start seeing "1991-2020 averages" in their data.





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