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It took a lot of time to dig up data (two of my biggest hobbies are mountain and weather), but I revised and expanded the Fact Sheet Interesting Weather Statistics for US Mountain Summits:




Added were a Mt Spokane in eastern Washington; Mount Fanny in the Blue Mountains of Oregon; White Mountain Peak in the White Mountains of California; Mount Baldy in the Wasatch Range in Utah; Blowhard Mountain in southwest Utah, not far from Zion National Park; Berthoud and Fremont passes as well as Mount Evans, all in Colorado; Grandfather Mountain and Mount La Conte in the Southern  Appalachians; Haleakala on Maui in Hawaii; and Mount Locke in Texas.


Also, since it came up on another thread, I was able to do some digging on the Mount Rainier data.   Apparently there have actually been several studies on the summit climate of Mount Rainier, dating back to at least 1960.   Some studies used actually data and some interpolations.  The latest study just ended in 2016 and the page has a link to it.    


I hope that you find it interesting.   

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Fantastic write-up, man. Keep it coming if possible.


Yes, I will continue to work on it.  A lot of the info is hard to dig up!  I would especially want to get more data from the Denali weather station at 19,000 feet.

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