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2020/2021 California and Southwest Weather Discussion Thread

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Only 94F here today, the coolest high we've had in two weeks. 

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My personal weather station: Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2

2021-2022 Season Total: 0.99" (as of 10/16/21)

2020-2021 Season Total: 5.40"

2019-2020 Season Total: 15.82"

2018-2019 Season Total: 15.84"

2017-2018 Season Total: 4.63"

2016-2017 Season Total: 15.18"

2015-2016 Season Total: 8.12"

2014-2015 Season Total: 10.09"

2013-2014 Season Total: 7.35"

2012-2013 Season Total: 7.11"

2011-2012 Season Total: 7.02"

2010-2011 Season Total: 17.09"

2009-2010 Season Total: 11.59"

Average Seasonal Precipitation: 10.89" (11 years)

California Water Year/Rainy Season measuring period runs from July 1 to June 30.



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The weather this year has been really boring and terrible.

We hardly saw any rain in Winter and Spring beside the good January storms.

Spring was super windy and chilly

Summer was very mild and endless marine Layer. (For the Coastal Areas anyways) September is more of the same so far.

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This might be the only time since 2010 that I went the entire summer without ever feeling the slightest pang of desire for a window-mounted AC unit. There were a few hot days but virtually no hot nights. 2020 had long stretches of record breaking cool but there were some real heat waves too. Only one two shower day all summer long; in the 2010s there were several per year.

This year has been consistently near to below average with hardly any heatwaves.

(obviously I’m talking immediate coast here)

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5 hours ago, Mr Marine Layer said:

............................ as the PNW is about to get dumped on.

Let's hope the area gets a good drenching. Now the 3 day away surface map shows the front stretched across Ore-Cal border. Enough to give Some hope that NorCal gets something. This is the setup I mentioned for aquariusradar to put more rain ashore; Mother Nature lifts the moisture to great heights and aquariusradar (aboard ships)keeps some of that moisture from falling to the ocean surface. More moisture continues along the front and falls as increased rain on the land. This will be especially effective where mountain lifting aids the process. If I could only convince some rich investor that aquariusradar actually works they might be interested as the NASDAQ quote for an acre foot of water in California is $900. Am I only the person ever to operate a high power radar and observe the effect on targeted CN storms? I wonder? I worked on the ship shown for several years at Port Hueneme in the late 1960s. 



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