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January 2014 in the PNW


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Latest Post: Some Call It The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened. I Call It Winter  (Sorry for the Upworthy Style title!)



-Mega mountain snows

-Much needed snows for the ski season

-Localized strait-effect snow for Vancouver Island tomorrow?

50 Shades of Van: A weather blog dedicated to providing the public with easily accessible and downright interesting weather
information for Vancouver, BC and the Pacific Northwest

Latest Post: http://50shadesofvan.com/blog/2014/10/23/chaos-in-the-pacific-storm-parade-route-unknown

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Just now, iFred said:


Wow. What a boring month that transitioned into something great when the calendar turned to February!

Edited by SilverFallsAndrew

Snowfall                                  Precip

2022-23: 95.0"                      2022-23: 17.39"

2021-22: 52.6"                    2021-22: 91.46" 

2020-21: 12.0"                    2020-21: 71.59"

2019-20: 23.5"                   2019-20: 58.54"

2018-19: 63.5"                   2018-19: 66.33"

2017-18: 30.3"                   2017-18: 59.83"

2016-17: 49.2"                   2016-17: 97.58"

2015-16: 11.75"                 2015-16: 68.67"

2014-15: 3.5"
2013-14: 11.75"                  2013-14: 62.30
2012-13: 16.75"                 2012-13: 78.45  

2011-12: 98.5"                   2011-12: 92.67"

It's always sunny at Winters Hill! 
Fighting the good fight against weather evil.


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On 1/14/2014 at 6:16 PM, MossMan said:

Was a very pleasant day on my travels for work. Was at yakima this morning until about 11AM and I had to pull off the sweatshirt and roll down the window when leaving it felt so warm! Snoqualmie Pass looked pathetic though, a few skiers dodging weeds from the looks of it.


Hopefully winter will come soon!


I see Tim is the only non-newbie so far!

32,234 posts ago! And pre kids! 

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Elevation 580’ Location a few miles east of I-5 on the Snohomish Co side of the Snohomish/Skagit border. I love snow/cold AND sun/warmth! 

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