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New Year's Day Storm


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Just now, Hawkeye said:

My gauge catch melted down to 0.31", which would be a 20:1 ratio.  However, it was windy.  The core sample melted down to much more.... 0.46", which makes it a 13.5:1 ratio.

Certainly a function of the long periods of pixie dust today.

2021-22 Snowfall: (Hiawatha)

TOTAL: 10.2"

(12/28: 3.0") (12/29: 0.8") 

(1/1: 6.4")



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I picked up an additional 1.5" from my previous measurement which brings my total to 4.7".  There is a nice band moving through that could drop enough to push me through the 5" mark.  On the lower end of the snowfall forecast so I'd say it was a bust over here.  Looking at the totals around NE IL and nothin close to double digits.  Highest report I see is Kenosha, WI with 6.5".  I'm waiting to see for more reports to come in closer to LM in Lake/Cook county bc there was a lake plume that developed last night within the system snow.  

You can see it now on radar and its most likely puking snow along the lakeshore ( @Jaycee) old place...



I see ORD officially has 3.2" in the books for yesterday....not entirely what we were expecting...looking on the bright side of things, it feels and looks like Winter has finally showed up!  Can't wait to see the landscape in sunshine later today.


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Congrats to you guys out in E IA who scored nicely.  It wasn't looking pretty on the wx maps but nature delivered quite a nice storm.  I feel bad for our KC peeps and the struggle continues.  Coming from a winter wx fan, I don't know how @someweatherdudeand the rest of you manage to keep it together while experiencing these misses.  Hope the pattern turns around for you guys.

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I shoveled once last night thinking if I remove the slushy accumulations I wouldn't have an issue the 2nd time around....boy, was I wrong!  The warm pavement didn't do me any favors this morning as it was still slushy on the bottom with powder on top.  Got my workout/cardio in for the day.  Man, it is cold out there in the wind...flurries were flying as the sun was trying to poke out.  It really feels like a JAN winters day out there.   My final tally is just under 5" on avg....some places had more or less in N COOK.  I'm curious to see what the final totals will be for the closer lakeside cities.

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Third pic shows my drift as high as near 9". Overall, here in Macomb, I received 4.2" (check Pic2). Not bad at all. Pic1 shows a nice drift area. Hello January!

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Final Snowfall as of today July 2022 is: 47.1" Detroit Metro Area.

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Totals for the most part were underwhelming but there were a few pockets of heavier totals...

Jan 1st LOT Snowfall Totals.png



Its always interesting how the lake influences systems and the models got it wrong wrt to LEHS/LES.  Instead of setting up over NE IL, it looks like SE WI got the "goods"...pretty solid 5-9" over the area...the jog north worked in their favor.


Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 2.55.38 AM.png


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